Thursday, January 25, 2018

Whose Cow Was That?

The outdoor marketplace in Olakha was buzzing no lesser than the weekend vegetable market. I was one of those whose vegetables [probably] ran out before the weekend that on my way home, I thought why not buy from the stretch of makeshift stalls in Olakha.

I parked my car in a safe spot. Within minutes, I filled the basket with vegetables and fruits to last until the weekend. That was a calculative purchase I did. From the second last stop, I bought a tray of eggs...and just as I was crossing over...D.A.S.H...

The next thing I knew, I was stumbled to the ground with half the tray of eggs splashed over me, the vegetable basket few meters away, my handbag another few meters away in the opposite direction. Yes, I was hit by a cow. A cow in the marketplace? Without argument, this episode wins a place in "This Happens Only in Bhutan" memes.

I walked to the car with unsure feelings - and of course, with just half the tray of eggs. Really? In core town area, we have nameless cows hovering around and knocking people? From what I heard the vendors speaking in unison, "This animal is fierce and often attacks people," it was certain I wasn't the only [unfortunate] target.

If I am not wrong, I remember hearing a notification stating any roaming animals in the town area would be caught and kept in custody until the owner comes forward to claim, upon paying a penalty. Well, now I am not sure if this is still valid.

A popular [poor] joke I entertained my last visitor with - In Bhutan, the traffic jams are caused by cows, horses, donkeys, dogs, cats, and pigeons on the roads. She laughed hard - only to believe as we drove around the places. In few places, we even stopped the car for her to take pictures as memorable subjects of light-hearted entertainment. 

If you [the reader] are tempted to suggest I should have filed a complaint and sought after the owner for claims, this is the story I had running through my mind:

I go and look for the owner. 
I show him/her my condition (duly evidenced by the broken tray of eggs...oh, my poor eggs) to claim I was hit by his/her animal.
Next reaction: 
What? Who told you to stand in her way? 
Rest the case. Rest the case. Rest the case.

Oh well, I am certainly a weakling to straighten up such situations...or I could be wrong. Either way, the episode still amuses me, to be even more thankful that I am a vegetarian. Maybe compassion spared and helped forego the assumed (?) aftermath experience.

Whatever...this makes a good story to blog about. For your reading pleasure :)


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