Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Story of the Day

My daughter came running to me. Behind her was the man I hadn't seen in years. So weird and unsure to see Karma after six good years. Beyond destiny's bound.

Karma and I dated in college. Lovebirds. Sadly, we parted in a not-so-nice way. I was pregnant when I left college. He couldn't go against his mother who had other plans for him. With an unsure future, I returned home with a degree and a belly.

I was blessed with a cheerful girl. In every bit Lhasen is me - from the way we laugh to the way we poke each other with our toes. Except that she has her [unseen] father's face. His every bit of feature. 

"Sir, don't we look alike?" Lhasen is said to confronted him. Well, this is the upside of having a cheerful girl, one who is easy-to-talk-to and one who wins hearts immediately. 

Imagine this scene: a six-year-old making a big claim, to the man whom she had no idea would be the man written in her destiny. In Karma's words, "Without a knock, this little girl walked into my classroom, gazed for a few minutes and blurted out how similar looking we were. I felt like I was looking at myself."

My family had accepted us wholeheartedly. My parents said they would help me raise Lhasen. It wasn't easy but knowing I had help, I gathered strength to raise her as a single mother. There weren't many occasions where we had to talk about her father and the few times she asked, I told her the truth (with no bitterness). Lhasen accepted early on that her father is alive somewhere, just that he isn't with us.  

And today, she brought him home.

In that flash, my alarm rang. I was to wake up my niece Lilly and had set the alarm few minutes before 8:00 a.m. I certainly couldn't go back to sleep. I tossed and turned for another hour in the bed, trying to make sense of the dream. A dream it was, yet so real. What if it was real? 

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