Friday, January 13, 2017

Our Princess Bella - the one who brings the best out of everyone: Happiest 4th Birthday

Dearest Lolo,

Your Mama finally sits down to write the annual birthday letter to you.

Yes, I missed your birthday this year around as well, but you and I know we mean well even with the time and distance between us. Watching you celebrate your Bella Birthday with our family made me realize and accept that you are not only my daughter but everyone's. I am always so proud to tell every person I meet that you are the gem of three generations, three families. You gotta be proud of that, darling.

How coincidental that you choose Princess Bella to be your birthday theme this year. I am sure you know the fairy tale already (because you know every story by now) but let me narrate in brief, anyway. Bella represents not only beauty but kindness, love, and patience. She brings the prince out of the beast. She sacrifices for the happiness of others. And in you, I will look forward to these qualities as you grow up to be a woman. I know you will - for what we see in you for now and for what we wish out of you.

Four years since you redefined happiness for us. Four years since you captured our hearts. Four years since you colored our laughter. 

I still remember the day I knew you came to me. I also remember the look on your Papa's face when I shared the news. He was five minutes short of going to Paro for a meeting that morning. I came out and blurted the news. He stood still - so unlike your Papa who likes to stand firm, devoid of any emotion (at least he tries for reasons of his own). In a moment, he held me tight. A new life was born for us. 

The story didn't end there. As the news passed from one ear to the other, everyone in the family wanted to be the best for you. It was like nine months was too long to wait. Impatient. Anxious. Excited. Cautious. Prepared.

You came. Announcing your arrival with the longest labour I can recall. But you came and that mattered. Without that moment, I would have never known the joy of life. A life out of life. Thank you for choosing me to be your mother. 

And now four years? Girl - you are growing up faster than we wish. 

I apologize for being away and for missing the [precious] ten months of your childhood. One day, we will sit in a cafe and look back to this moment. While I will be forever sorry for being away from you, you may see a silver lining - for this separation has groomed you to be more independent than you would have otherwise; for this separation has brought you closer to your Papa; for this separation has gotten you a new best friend (your Grandma); for this separation has made you taller (did you know you have grown three inches taller since I left?); for this separation for brought us closer. Oh, I love you, my girl - no matter what separation between us, you will always be Mama's girl first.

I wish you the best. Thank you for being the light of the house. Under the same sun and the moon, your Mama sends her love and thoughts. 

Signed with love,
Mama for Jan 08, 2016
Woodside, NYC  

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