Saturday, September 3, 2016

She Shows me the Way

Few hours from now, I will skype with Lolo. Officially, we have been away for a month. By the way, this is my first blog from the U.S. where I have come to avail a fellowship. As I write, the time is past midnight (my folks back home must be preparing midday meal). A siren just passed by, otherwise the night has taken its calmness.

On our first skype three weeks ago (thanks to my conventional husband who is worse with technology than me - for not opening a skype account until then, no social media connection and worst, our bad timings), Lolo said, "Mummy, come to take me." I reasoned with all my patience that I will be back after completing my course. A moment later, she said she understood, and went back to her coloring keeping the camera focussed on her work, "Mummy has to see my work."

Second skype, she was her usual cheerful self. When I said I will be back soon, Lolo comforted me, "Come when you are done."

Well, this is not the first time she has given me more than her age. Closer to my leave, I made a point to remind her occasionally that I will be leaving soon, but for longer. She was completely understanding, evidenced by her words: "I will be fine," "I will go and stay with Ajang and Ane," "I will be a good girl." Funniest was, when she said, "Papa and I will enjoy."

Talking about Papa, I am most grateful for the man KP is, who is now both the father and the mother to our little girl. He says he is enjoying "every moment" with her, now that they are one-on-one. I can see how he is beginning to see the real Lolo, in absence of the competition that was inherent when I was around. He shares updates on varying topics - her creativity (instead of being called naughty), not to fool around her, and the fact that she comes home no matter where she is for the day. 

Having a big family helps. If not for one, there is always someone coming to meet her over the week. When she is in mood, she is at my brother's or sister's place. Since I left, she has gone to watch a 5D movie (and sworn she won't attempt another until she is big enough), went to the park, to a school concert, pizza treat, momo treat. She got new pairs of shoes, few shirts and clothes. She has new stationery sets for school. And her school gave them lesson on personal hygiene. You see, she has a busier day than mine.

I am back to school. Assignments. Presentations. Seminars. Visits. Programs. 

I miss her a lot, more so when I go to bed. I miss cuddling her in my arms, talking into sleep. I think of the moments she lightened our lives ever since, and in each I relive the laughter we created. Of all, she shows me the way to live life all over again, with her assurance that she is all good and not to be worried about.  

Another siren passed by. Must be time to sleep.

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