Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Lolo's Predicts her next Birthday

My girl is an everyday miracle, for from her I learn that the world is beautiful no matter how ugly people try to paint its picture; for she shows to us, the adults, the beautiful world of an innocent soul.

She reminds us that none of her friends were ever invited for her birthday celebrations (I remain corrected that she started her pre-school this Spring and the friends she wants are probably the ones she has in her class). Lolo never fails to amuse us.

"Mummy, next birthday I want my friends to be invited," Lolo stated.
"Your birthday is in January and your school will be closed. Your friends won't be around," I replied.
"I want Zumsel and Tobdhen to come," she went on.
"But how will you know where they stay?"
"Zumsel stays in Olakha...we will go to Olakha and shout out: Zumsel...Zumsel! She will hear me and come out."

For her, nothing is impossible. She lives a life unaffected by the social barriers and fallacies, such as the next door neighbour who doesn't know who lives in the other flat or that crazy side of living in the capital. 

When in mood, she sings the birthday song for herself...adds a graceful attribute to make it go with her name: "Happy Birthday, Angel Lolo." She is ever graceful that she likes to be celebrated at any given occasion - like during my nephew's last birthday where we ordered two cakes for them. She reasoned, "Ata needs company to celebrate his birthday. I will give him company."

By her next birthday, my girl will be such a big girl. She already is - with her sensibility and independence. She diligently follows her routine in the morning readying for school - get up, potty, brush, freshen up, change undergarments, wear on the track, shoes and socks, quick breakfast, and her school bag - oh, her lunch box. 

Often, I look at her and get a sad feeling that she is actually growing up. With each birthday, Lolo is taking steps closer to becoming a big big girl. And soon she will join our world of ups and downs. 

Then, even birthday celebrations will be a big a new pair of Nike shoes, or dinner with friends in a restaurant, or an expensive bag. No more balloons. No more crackers. No more glitters. 


Whatever may be the course of time, I would want Lolo to retain her incredible sense of humour and restlessness. One birthday after another, she may become big and bigger, but she will forever be Mama's little girl.


  1. Give birth more and the balloon celebration will never end :P

  2. Ha ha...that's not the easy way out :)