Thursday, March 17, 2016

Same old Luzee in same old clothes

Whenever I deviate from my normal routine, be it my dressing sense, eating habits, make-up, or shoes, Lucy is often the first one to take note.

Last weekend, after a good bath, I pulled out a fairly new pair of corduroy pants and sweatshirts for home-wear. Lucy asked, "Going somewhere?" I said no. She asked further, "Why dressed in jeans?" Then, I laughed out.

I am not someone who buys too many clothes; some of which I have been wearing since 2009 (when back from my studies, my closet had to get a face-lift and since then...same face!). This also comes to saying I seem to have maintained the same physique since then, which is a real consolation for any change would mean the disastrous task of changing my closet's content.

And then, you get bored with the same old clothes. Part of you doesn't want to discard them (still in good shape) whilst season after season, wearing the same makes you want to experiment style, colors and fashion. So so, just about a month ago, I decided against all odds that I would discard half my casual wears, but not find excuses for replacement so soon.

KP noticed a carton of not-so-old clothes packed to be given away. Going by my usual craze, he asked to reaffirm, "Giving them away?" "Yes." "But why, they are still wearable." "That's why I am giving them away. Why discard if they ain't wearable?" and with a long sigh, "I am just so tired in them. Been almost three years... and still counting!"

Bye, bye. Carton box.

That explains why I wear jeans at home :) The only pair of track pants I retained needs some!

This also explains why I don't buy clothes, unlike my colleagues, the few times we got out. I carry with me a long list (must-buy-gifts) for my family, friends and colleagues. I try admitting that I need to invest in kiras, tegos and wonjus in the name of wearing them 5 days a week. For the weekend, jump into the old pair of jeans and there you go!

Well, I may be mistreating myself if even Lolo can notice this: Mummy, you seem to be wearing the same pair of shoes everyday (March 17, 2016).



  1. I have actually invested in the idea of wearing uniform to office, I seldom change my bag and shoes and I've called them my office uniform. You can say that it's because I'm plain lazy or I prefer that way, signature style. I've resorted to being a minimalist in everything, except for the books.

    Lolo has a eye for details :). This woman in the making, it amuses me ha ha.

    By the way, I completed Josephine Chia's MILS. Thank you for introducing me to that book Aue, I enjoyed reading it thoroughly. I bet you are reading the Book Thief and Tuesdays with Morris. It gives me a sound sleep knowing that it's in good hands :).

    1. There you go, my girl! I read a story about how a woman got herself an office uniform which she said saved all her worry and time!

      I am yet to venture into the books, been reading one biography after another and all the while getting inspired. As soon as done, I will have them handed over in good shape.

      We can do this exchange often, you know :)