Friday, March 25, 2016

## Happy and Proud Mummy ###

I drove back to work full of smiles; what a lovely way to begin the day. I dropped Lolo to her daycare, and what her Ma'am had to say made me smile like a real "happy and proud Mummy".

Three weeks and our fears were proven wrong. My daughter is known for her stern nature, and at home she is the terror. Terror meaning the most restless, the most active, the most stubborn. So, when she began her pre-school, we all feared for the worst that she would come home with complains - almost on a daily basis, from her school. When I had shared about Lucy's last year's result, my brother had said, "Lolo will be worse...ha ha. We will remain prepared."

The first day of her school, I took leave from work and waited outside her school. I hallucinated Lolo screaming out of the school gate, and I - the saviour would run for her. Fume me, for I was totally wrong. 10 minutes (suddenly a new environment and new faces made her feel different!) was all Lolo needed to adjust. Yes, she did come out after all - but at the end of the day. Ma'am Sonam said, "She did well on day-1!"

And her excitement was loud. She recited "School chuma na (school is done)" till we reached home. From there on, she has always shown excitement to go to school. 

Last afternoon, as Papa picked her from school, Lolo was heard saying, "I need to take a stick tomorrow, my friends are being naughty ('tama-tashi' as she says)." I later inquired about it. "Yes, they scream and shout. I told them 'shame shame'."

I shared this conversation with her teacher this morning. Ma'am Sonam had more details:

"Lolo is ever the obedient child. I heard her cautioning a boy who was on the table that he shouldn't do this, and that they eat their lunches on the table. If she sees her friends dropping their things, she asks them to put them back on the shelf."

I just couldn't hold my pride. I gave her a big "GOOD" on her little nose as she entered the gate with a broad smile. 

Yes, she is that child - sensible, put and obedient. I pray that she grows up with the same traits and leads the world with her charisma. Like my mother says, "Your daughter is so strict." Ha-ha. I can imagine you, Lolo, for from you we learn about life all over again.


  1. As i read this ,i am just imagining Lolo writing about you one day and me reading her posts :)

    1. One day, I will bring her over to meet you and let her know that "Well, Lolo, met Aunt Dawa who has walked with you ever since." Am sure my girl will feel how BIG her world is.

      Thanks for being the ever excited reader!