Saturday, February 6, 2016

TENDREL...and the Day

The first call of the day was from my sister who exclaimed, "Gyeltsun has given birth to's on BBS." In my PJ, I ran for the remote control. What a splendid day!

We had plans for go for nyekhor today for reasons, and the news only meant greater reason. I woke up my girls to the news. Lolo's innocent reaction was, "Mummy, we will go and see the Gyelsey, right?"

We began our day with Lungtenphug Lhakhang where we offered very sincere prayers. I particularly offered a simple prayer that we may progress morally, professionally, spiritually and materially with the continuation of our 'Wangchuck Dynasty', under whose rule as my father puts in, "Without a King, what are we subjects?", we Bhutanese enjoy the utmost joys of living. 

Onward, we went to Changangkha Lhakhang, where rigorous kurim was going on. The atmosphere had an unusual aura and love enchanting the environment.

Then, to Dechenphug Lhakhang where again the chants from the monastery welcomed everyone with that single love: the happiness of the happiest news of the time.

Soon after lunch at my sister's place, we dropped by the RBG Chorten where 'Bazaguru Dungdrup' is on-going. My girls and I offered our prayers and wishes. [With each visit, our prayers got only stronger.]

Up the hill, we went to visit KP's Maymay Lama to offer our Losar wishes to him. As we left his hut, he came out with a spectacular gift for us. For Maymay to spare that on this day, it only meant "Tendrel". was as we crossed Jungshina when a pilot pulled up and we were blessed by His Majesty's entourage. I exclaimed, "Tendrel lay-ye, Tendrel zang-ye." I couldn't help smiling.

Of course. As a Bhutanese, what bigger happiness than the love and respects for our Monarchs. As a mother, what bigger news than the motherly happiness of a new life. Either way, the most awaited moment has arrived. Therefore, I pray I live long enough to take pride in serving under THREE Kings!

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