Monday, January 18, 2016

Three Years of Love, Joy and Happiness

For January 08, 2016

My Dear Lolo,

So soon you are three years old!

Your Mummy is sitting in a room, far far away from you. Physically. In thoughts and love, you are always with me, in me. 

It’s almost 10:00 p.m. [January 07, 2016] as I write this letter to you. Around this time three years ago, I was heading to the hospital - half fearing the pain but all the more impatient to welcome you. Oh baby, the night was not so easy! You weren’t that easy to enter the world, you know. I tossed and turned for more than half a day…and finally when you yelled out, I cried. I cried with happiness. I cried with excitement. I cried with joy. 

Fast forward three years.

Look at you now - already a little lady. You won’t believe how elegant you are, in everything you do.  
You are the first sun of the day;
You are the last moon of the night;
You are the most beautiful flower in our garden;
You are the sunshine in our lives.

Frozen-cake from Yachna Bakes

If we look forward to every tomorrow with bigger excitement than the last, it’s because you give us bigger reasons to expect the unknown. 

If your Papa and Mama wear bigger smiles every single day, it’s because you have given us the reasons to feel beautiful.

If all others around you (Apa, Ama, Ajang Daddy, Ane, Amchi, Apchi, Azem, Anas, Ata R, Ajang Solly and Lassi) can’t stop pulling your chubby cheeks, it’s all because they can’t get enough of you.

You have the entire world sending you love from all around. 
Lolo with Amchi

This comes to saying how much you have bettered the world. You may a small bundle of a girl, but with the magic to conquer all the ugliness in the world. Thank you, Lolo.

As you celebrate this milestone, here is your Mummy wishing you the best of everything because you are better than the best. I miss you terribly. Yet you assure me you are in good control. Thank you, Lolo. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Happy Birthday. We love you very very much.

(Note: I wrote this note while in Hyderabad and without the Internet facility, couldn't post it. So, here it is...filled with the same excitement!)


  1. Lolo has the best cake ever.
    She looks so cute in this Frozen dress. Even I want to pull her chubby cheeks :)

    1. Thanks, Yeesi. We know what it means to celebrate the birth of the blessed happiness in our lives :)