Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Wealthy Side of Children

The story goes: Once upon a time, there were two families living close by - one totally childless but wealthy, while the other poor and with large number of mouths to feed. One evening, the wealthy couple laid out their wealth to display. They constantly looked down on the other family citing their poor condition. However, every evening they could hear the house resonating with laughter. Curious as to how they could be happier than them, the wealthy couple sneak peak through the cracks of the hut. What they saw tied the knots of their hearts, for the family sat around their children relishing their every move.

I have heard this story a thousand times and still counting. I have felt the punch each time Lolo brings smiles on our lips. 

When I heard the following testimonies from our neighbours, I was enthralled and contentment became a possession knowing how much Lolo has enriched the environment:

"Just as the silence of the day haunts the serene environment, Lolo's shrill voice cracks through the walls...and I feel company at best," says our next door neighbour who is often alone at home during the day. 

Worried if the noise bothers them too much, we often confront our downstairs neighbours to bear with us. "Not at all. Every evening, I wait to hear Lolo's thumping footsteps before I drift to sleep," refutes Aunty, who is ever gentle with Lolo. 

"Ana Lay-shay [Lekshay] ga bo-fen [boyfriend] Justin Be-ba ga dance," and Lolo swings her cute little butt imitating Justin Beiber's moves. Gracious, such enchanting moments. And we ask for more, and more, and more....until she feels demanded.

That's the thing at home. It's always Lolo, and more Lolo. 

So, the story goes... No man is poor if he has children at home. True. For someone who has five children, each of varied nature and personality, I feel so warm at heart and rich in wealth. 

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