Monday, October 19, 2015

Reading Spree - So much on the HIKE!!!

I can't believe I am hunting the book-shelfs in every coffee stall we are trying out, and effortlessly making [easy] friends, and shamelessly borrowing books. Yes, I am doing that on almost a daily basis. Because I am so trapped by the good books lying there right in front of my eyes. How could I not read them?

My reading spree began with the good book Rima gifted me sometimes in May. Until I say Good-bye by Susan Spencer Wendel was the book that made me want to read everything about everyone, because the beautiful way with which she saw her last year touched me to the core. As an aspiring writer who wants to write only about beautiful things in life, I could probably start with something like this. 

From the same lot of books, I stole My Singaporean Lover by Judy Chapman for a quick read. That ended well, and said much about the [unknown] Singaporean life. 

On our way back from the eastern trip, I borrowed the book Test of my life by Yuvrag Singh from our host Pema Namgyel, whose list of must-read books got the rest of us envious. I promised to send him some of them, and I need to do it before the end of this year (a promise).

My friend Kunzang Thinley lend me three of his books, but unfortunately they don't fit into my genre, so I will have to return them unread (sorry KT if you are reading this. You understand, right? Thanks.)

When my girls Leksh and Lucy gifted me the book: Rena's Promise last September, I got totally enthralled to the history of WW2, and sad about the holocaust that came about. Days after reading the book, I went online to research a little more on the facts and figures, that to this day I continue to include each of them in my everyday prayers. 

Attending the Mountain Echoes last August and having attended the session where the Singaporean writer Ms. Josephine Chia talked about her childhood and her journey to becoming one of the most promising writers, I badly wanted to read her books. In stock for me are her books - My Mother-In-Law's Son and Frog Under a Coconut Shell

Back to the present, I am reading Mr. Mitch Albom's for one more Day which I borrowed from the coffee-shop (N.Kee 37.5) and in parallel flipped few pages of Jan Goodwin's Price of Honour, again borrowed from the consultancy office where my niece Lilly is seeking help for her college. 

I also picked up The Happiness Project by Ms. Gretchen Rubin from the airport bookstore. 

So, you see...I am on a hike. I am addicted like never before. 

Please feel free to share good books if you have them. Usually, I read and pass on. Haven't planned storing them for good, but some of them are worth for keepsake. And also, I make sure to return the borrowed books. You can trust me completely!