Wednesday, June 17, 2015

We Didn't Lose - Team Bhutan

I am not a foot-ball buff at all; all I understand from this game is that there are 11 players in each team and a goalie, and one side attempts to take the ball to the other side (this is as far as I can explain to my mother whose knowledge on the game is next to confusion). I see my Hubby watching the game on TV almost every night, sometimes up till midnight, and this only aggravates my wonder what keeps him glued to the game.

Last evening, I joined the rest of the world in the excitement of our Team Bhutan playing against China, and the huge roar of the crowd at Changlingmithang. I was home with my family, in front of the television. 
The spirit of the game (Source: FB)

I think we all knew that we won't stand a chance against the Chinese team for whatever valid/ invalid reasons we can think of. Comments and assumptions were already on the media sites days before. As a novice watcher, it didn't make much sense to argue. From whatever I could rationalise my thoughts on, these are few I deduced:

a. Fore-mostly, thank you Dragon Boys for bringing jubilance in the town. I really haven't seen a more excited crowd than this before. You managed to convey one message that we may be small but our hearts are beyond space.

b. You didn't lose, I mean we didn't lose. Even in another 50 years or so, we will not stand equal to most of the countries owing to the pace at which we adopted this game. Our boys showed us how far we can go given the chance to prove our worth. We love you for that.

c. The whole nation united as one to support the game. This will be an inspiration that no matter what, we will always cherish the beauty of our existence.

I am not sure if I will ever gain further insights of the game, but as you play the remaining games, I shall continue to pray for you all. And in total solidarity, I bought two jerseys in support of the team. I  wish we could support you in every way possible.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

"How We Met?"

In the ninth year of our relation, and still going strong, even today people ask me "how we met". Rather in a fishy way, I sense the other part of the question "why we met".

OK. Mine and KP's relation is nothing unusual. In the truest sense, he is a man and I a woman and our matrimonial relationship which began as strangers to friendship to dating to marriage to family, I think we are completely insane. But if you delve a little deeper into the details of our personalities, there you are - we are two completely opposite people, with our varied tastes and characters. What they say "like chalk and cheese" is what we are. Perhaps, Newton's law of opposite things attract each other defends us best.

Our history will be quite boring if I describe from the day we met. Rather, let me reiterate what we thought when we met way back in 2007:

KP seemed to have concluded on our first meet, "Goodness, this girl will be out of hands to handle," and I concluded, "Uh...what a quiet reserved man." But God had other plans for us, for He kept meeting us and here we are today!

Whenever I am asked how we met, I feel like I am asked why we met. The thought is funny, because even today we haven't dug out the sole reason of our union. At our best times, we feel fated and otherwise I (at least) feel our differences destined us to make good of our survival. 

I am totally wild, full-of-life and socially motivated person; whereas my better half is more of an introvert, down-to-earth-and-to-himself and quiet person. How he manages to sit with a mani-lakhor (hand prayer wheel) in his hand watching TV for not less than three hours every evening still amazes me, even after all these years! In those three hours, I would have done everything to everything and still yearning for more energy until I collapse on the bed.

Of course, we have our common factors as well. Like we both believe in humanity and prayers; we sincerely say our prayers without fail; we have decided to grow old holding hands; we don't believe in material wealth and fight our adversaries with the basic survival kits; we love our lives, and we enjoy a good dinner.

May be these commonalities keep us strong despite of the many differences between us. He may continue to taunt me when I wear slacks to the town and I will continue barking at his messy cupboard. For all days to come, KP and I will nudge our significances in each other's lives, and give more rooms for people to ask how we met or why we met; former one gets a heads-up and latter one - well, another day to reason out.