Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Leaf - Welcoming 2015 in my Best Attire

This morning, although late from bed, I woke up with an unusual spirit to welcome the new year with a different perspective. I said I will look at life through the most magnificent lens - filled with gratitude, love and happiness.

To start with, I want to rejuvenate my passion for writing, which sadly I have kept dormant for no good reason. Hence the change in the title of my blog that I will strive to be a new leaf each passing day. Today, I am heaps better a person than what I was last year, last evening!

As the year unfolds, I will keep counting many reasons to be happy being born a human and granted with the wisdom to think twice. Few bucket list I lay for the year ahead:

1. Each morning, I will learn THREE new things/ facts.

2. I give up chewing "doma"; I was never a big fan of it anyway.

3. Green tea to keep me green and hale.

4. No gluttony after 8:00 p.m. Who doesn't need a good health?

5. Will write and write and write for the respects I  have in the power of words.

6. No bragging for things I can't change.

7. Forgive and move ahead. Life is bigger as you go deeper.

8. Hold on to my principles even if it means at the cost of life. Why compromise on your morals?

9. And the biggest of all - adore my darling Lolo for being the sun of the day and moon of the night. She is everything I can ask in life.

With these, I welcome thee, 2015. Give me the best and I will return you "better than the best".