Thursday, December 3, 2015

Where is the "NOSE"?

For an artist, the eyes add life to the portrait but to a face, the nose is really the feature that adds glamour to the beauty.

My Lolo is born with a bubbly nose, cute for now but a thing to be worried about as she grows up. She really has a cute little pout perched on her face.

When I ask her, "Where is your nose?" she puts her little finger on to that piece of flesh and says, "Aaa-tha (here it is)!"

Spot Lolo's cute nose!
I laugh out loud because what she really has is a piece of bunny flesh, rounded and hardly visible. As I said, it adds that cuteness on her face (for now).

During those nursing days, I made sure she wasn't pressed hard on my bosom going by the belief that it flattens the baby's nose. When possible, I would shovel it down gently hoping it will bring about a better shape. But as stubborn as Lolo herself, it stood there stuck to its original shape!

Once at the park, Lolo went face down on the ground. Instead of her nose hitting the ground, it was her forehead that bore a cut from the cemented ground. Well, her nose was well concealed between her plumply cheeks! My friends found it weird to believe.

Whatever may be the story, my Lolo certainly has one of the cutest bunny noses around.

Every morning I look at it and feel safe that should Lolo ever try stealing something and gets caught by the nose, as a story goes, she will make a great escape! Ha ha.