Thursday, December 24, 2015

Little Ball of Fur

I asked Lilly, who is here for her winter break, if she wants to come to the town and she said, "It's OK. I will stay home...with Lolo." How I wish I had that choice!

Every morning, Lolo asks me, "Office ma dhe la? (Office not going?)". 

"Dhe lay (I am)."

"Ma dhe lay (don't go)." And often she tells me I should stay home weaving (Lolo has been excited with the new kira I am weaving for her. She is going through something like, "Wow...I-can't-wait moment!")

Thankfully, she is not that nagging type. Every morning, she waves me 'bye' and reminds me to bring her some gifts from work. So, I go with toffee, chips, chocolates, jelly, cakes, momos, biscuits...anything I can think of. She isn't demanding either, she just needs something as "tang (gift)".

One Saturday, I went to drop my parents to my sister's place and the girls to their schools. KP was home with Lolo. While she was watching YouTube on Papa's mobile phone, he apparently went outside to put the clothes. As he says, Lolo kept her fingers running on the mobile and checking into each room looking for someone! Her relief came in her words upon seeing Papa enter the house, "Where is everyone? I was afraid for sometimes." You see, she is this cute.

I am closely monitoring her growth and the way she tackles situations. Yes yes, I am glad she has a bit of OCD - Obsessive Control Disease, if not more. I see in the way she arranges her toys, the way she makes sure color sorting, or the way she ensures proper placing of things. One evening, she stood near me while I cooked. She placed the bottle cap under the filter and opened the filter. Technically, the cap was not strategically placed. Before I could comprehend how she would manage, she picks the cap and puts it right where the drops of water fell. Marvellous! She does this so instinctively. 

When we go for social gatherings, she is really that out-of-the-group kind. By virtue of growing up in a household of adults, I see my daughter has aged faster than her peers. She is OK to be alone, aloof and independent. What she needs, she asks straight away, and she has a varied tastes that she enjoys everything on her plate. Give her some toys and she won't bother anyone. No, she doesn't cry or jump around or tear down things. She is gentle.

On one hand, I am happy with her maturity. But it worries me as well. I worry if she will make any good friends in schools, or if her independence is way too much at this age. After a long thought, I am decided to send her to a daycare.

For that, Lolo picks up her "Elsa" bag and declares, "I am going to KOOL." Sorry folks, she is yet to get that 's' or 'r' phonetic. So,

School = Kool.
Spoon = Poons.
Smurfs = S...murfs.
Crocodile = CoCo dile
Grapes = Gapes

and so on.

Oh goodness, I love these children who make our lives just so much beautiful. 

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