Monday, November 23, 2015

My [New] Best Friend

" Zamin," Lolo whispers in her sleep, her little nostrils still puffing warm air into the void. I am so trilled and touched, while KP tries to hide his anguish. 

When I left Lolo at the age of 14 months for a week, she was absolutely OK. That was when we stopped nursing her, and she was even OK-ier. There after, it became a routine for us to be apart for a week or two once in a while. Lolo was just so OK. We greatly held her upright composure [at this age] that this girl is one of a kind and that I had nothing to worry about. 

Until my last trip.

Last month, I was away for two-weeks visiting Lilly at her school. Lolo is close to her 3rd birthday, which should have said how matured she is by now. With maturity comes her sense of surrounding, and obviously the presence and absence of anything or anyone around her, which she is so good to take note of.

It was the second night when we did concall. 

"Mummy, come back from office," she said. To her, I was still at work (and the reason why I try not to stay late at work or continue my work at home). When she realized I won't be home soon, she asserted, "Let me come to you," and pushed her head on the phone.

Worse still, when she refused to talk the next time we tried the call. Apparently, she is said to have fumed, "I won't talk to her!" when she saw me on the call. 

My return was a happy reunion. In two weeks, Lolo had matured ten months or more. She talked big, acted big and thought big. She would tell me unexpected things and behave so put fearing I may disappear. 

Since the night I returned, she likes to reassure that she is "Mummy ga zamin", more to reinstate her commitment to being Mummy's girl first. I am so so thankful to this little girl on whom my life is beginning to take a new color.

Lolo is so fascinating that everything she says or does is first-time. Best is when I go home and my mother stands at the door to update, "Lolo had this and this, and she said this and this, and she made us laugh by saying this..."

All right, time to get another update of the day. Before I leave, I wanted to show how Lolo and I are beginning to enjoy a new friendship meant to last a lifetime. She is my new Best Friend.


  1. You got the cutest Best Friend. Lucky you to have " Zamin," .

    1. Ong see... I can look a thousand times at Lolo and still feel the same enchanted happiness.

  2. Treasure this moment to your fullest! This age she is in her cutest! Don't miss the moment too much! :)

    1. Rightly said, I wish she were this age for another year or more!