Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Is the "Tea" coming!

"The world of children is that of honesty, innocence and joy," I have read this statement somewhere when I was in High School. On the pamphlet were pictures of children playing wishfully in a beautiful garden.

Motherhood, if not anything, has helped me regain the beauty of the world. Everyday is a new day to cherish, and there is always something new I learn from Lolo. 

Last evening, we were at a neighbour's house. For the contrary personality she is, she loves outdoor visits, and her favourite in the neighbourhood is our regular visits to Ata Tenzin's place. I have noticed many times that Lolo is much at home when we visit Ata Tenzin's place, perhaps since her first year itself. 

When we reached there, we learnt that neither Ata Tenzin nor his wife were home, except their two daughters. After few minutes, Ata Tenzin walked in, and he asked his daughter Pelden, "Jaa chos cha mo? (Are you preparing tea?)"

Lolo reiterated, "Jaa chos cha?"

After few minutes, I said we should be going. Lolo replied, "Nong sho, jaa jam thaan dhe lay! (Wait, we will have tea and go!)" 

This is not the first time though.

Few months ago, we were at the same place. When the host took a bit unusual long time to serve tea, Lolo asked, "Jaa mala? (No tea?)"

Thankfully, our host was kind enough to reciprocate her innocence and said, "Phaan cha, phaan cha (it's coming, it's coming)." 

That's why, Lolo is super excited to be visiting Ata Tenzin's house where she likes to soak zow in the tea and enjoy them like she never had something called "tea" before (at home, she is no-no to tea and alike!).


  1. Hahaha.... She is so cute! :D

  2. Your baby has really grown big and smart. Happy to read this post. Lots of fun and happiness to you both as you guys grow old together.

    1. The joy of parenthood is immense. Hope you are joining us soon :)