Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My [Witty] Niece Lucy

Lucy is my 13 year old niece, who to me is a funny creature. Funny because she has always been the witty member of the family with her sharp and snappy responses, often unprocessed but very natural. On the downsize, she is also the 'naughty' member, sly and cunning that she gets her way through somehow.

Here, I would like to share some of the tit-bits she entertains us with, with the hope that one day she will read them and relish her childhood days:

We are blessed with active and kind neighbours who flourish us with green organic vegetables all through the season. Saag is one kind, almost on daily supply from different sources.

One evening I commented, "Looks like our neighbours plant half of their gardens as our share."
Lucy's quick remarks, "Next season, they should plant Chicken!"

Note: She loves chicken curry next to herself.

We were driving home after office. I asked Lucy what she did with the money I gave her that morning in case if she had to take the cab home. She pretended not hearing. I asserted once more, and made the lame comment, "Lucy, money doesn't grown on trees."

She responded, "Money is made of papers, and papers are made from trees. So, money grows on trees!"

(This is what I put up as my FB status few days ago.)
We went to a fancy decor shop to buy a cloth-brush. Lucy was so awestruck with the beautiful things available in the shop, specifically decors with Eiffel Tower prints. I heard her going "wow", "ewww", and "OMG'.
So, I asked, "Is there anything you need?"
She said, "Alu, these are not needs but all WANTS!"

Note: Sometimes, these kids remind you lessons such as this.

Over the Tshechu holidays, her class has been asked to undertake a small research project. Closer to the weekend, she asked me to edit and help her with it. Of the components she hasn't completed, I asked her to do it herself.

As I was downstairs washing the car, she shouted from the window, "Who will write the contents, acknowledgment and conclusion for my project?"

I shouted back that she should do it herself and that I will only assist with the editorial. Few hours later, she came with a draft. When I asked her to reframe her sentences, she said, "How can I edit my own sentences?" 

Yes, I ended up framing the sentences for her.

When she was younger, Lucy was just so restless that every evening, I awaited some kind of complain from her school. Principal Ma'am Carolyn is said to have asked if she had a pin-in-her-butt. 

One PTA session, my Husband was asked by Lucy's teacher if Lucy had a younger brother. Apparently, she has been telling her teacher that her homework get torn by her 'little brother' - a good excuse for NOT submitting her homework.

Note: Given that she will work a little harder, Lucy has all the potential unearthed as yet.


  1. Haha. The last one! Real wit in there but the last one is the best. Nowang patey-patey jikpa thur cha gisa ko. lol

    1. Worse but she is fun to be with.