Tuesday, September 8, 2015

An Open Letter to My Lolo

Dear Lolo,

When was the last time I wrote you a letter? 

When I left for work this morning, you were still in your sleep...your head rested on your little left arm. I planted a soft kiss on your cheek and whispered "I love you Darling". If you were awake, you would have responded, "I lou you.

I am writing this letter to let you know my feelings tonight. In my dreams, I had given birth to a baby girl, probably the aftermath of the discussion the other day in the office circling about the second round. Most of my colleagues feel I am at the right time to plan for a younger child now that you are nearing three. I may have other reasons as well (we always have many reasons), but the primary one is that I will fear divided attention for you.

Honestly, my fears of being a working mother were all proven wrong by your goodness. Till date, touchwood - you have been the most amazing child ever! You gave me freedom in my thoughts, actions, and movements alike. You were never the nagging child (may be for few times). We are so blessed with you Lolo.

Everyone thinks you will need a friend to grow up with. I look around and you have a houseful! Your elder siblings are ready to die for you, needless to say how much we love you. You have three families after your well-being and three generations of parents. Going by your nature, you will have the world at your feet, because you are capable of it.

In you I enjoy the most beautiful moments and you still have years to entertain us. You leave us with no choice but to be in awe of everything you do, including the new flat screen you broke with the stick. You are amazing Lolo!

Anyway, I meant to tell you that a dream is best kept as a dream... ha ha. Am I trying to impose my decision disguised as your excuse? I think I am. All right, to put it straight - you are every child I had dreamt of, and unless I get tired with you (which is next to impossible), I will not think of anything else.

When I woke up from the dream,  you hit me with your hand and I caught you smiling in your sleep. You hit me a second time before hiding your smile. If you were in pretext, I will get you back Lolo. Otherwise, we both shall wake up the beauties of your existence.

You are truly beautiful my Lolo.



  1. It sounds lovely and live...great

  2. Lolo is such a sweet girl. She is so very lucky to have a wonderful people or should I say, a family, around her to love her till eternity. I can't believe she is growing up. Just like that. If only time could stop for both the mother and the child (sometimes I wish that, a little more time) :)