Monday, August 24, 2015

Greener Way Shows the Way

It been almost half a year since the waste segregation has been initiated by now the vendor for waste collection and disposal, Greener Way, and I am just so happy for this education which has helped educate people of all ages. Personally, this would have been a keen area of interest for me, just that I couldn't influence a huge lot like it does now.

Every weekend I go for vegetable shopping, I refuse to accept any polythene bag from the vendor because I carry my own, mostly reused bags. Where I can, I carry the stuffs in my hands and transfer them to the car. Shopkeepers and vendors alike insist that I take the bags, and my denial is funny because everyone wants a bag for every single thing they buy. It makes me wonder what happened to the ban we had few years ago? Today, you see the plastic and polythene bags are lavishly used, irrespective. 

What a message!
One day, I came upon this bag (on the left) and it intrigued me completely. In the least, it said there are people like me who worry about things we can do to save our environment. In my own capacity, I believe in the THREE Rs - Reuse, Recycle and Reduce

So, back to Greener Way. 

The waste segregation effort has educated a family. We now have two bins - one for degradable and the other for non. The latter obviously gets collected on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Unlike earlier times where we used to mix everything into one single bin, today the vegetable waste go into the kitchen gardens of our neighbours. If next season they have better harvest of their kitchen garden, we know where to turn for gratitude.

The other week, we didn't have their service for about a week and the waste started piling up (just can't believe how much waste we produce in a week!). Desperate and so used to their diligent service, I browsed through their Facebook page - Greener Way and dialled their toll-free number 1213. A woman answered on the other end, and in her most convincing voice she assured the service would be resumed that Tuesday. Apparently, the collection vehicle had broken down the previous week. In few hours, I heard the truck coming!

With such service around, we are assured of the initiatives undertaken to respect and restore our environment. Also, because of this initiative I read that numerous other initiatives have come up, like the manufacturing of manures and egg-trays. I am WOW for all these!

Way to go Greener Way, and through this article I want to congratulate you for all your kind efforts. We are with you.

Additional Note: Last June during my short trip to India, I was so surprised that now no leading shops in India give you free polythene bags like before. You are charged additional cost ranging from Nu. 10 - 20/ bag. I appreciated this.

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