Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Beautiful Truth ~~~ of Love

"Mama, you don't love me enough," Lolo makes a blunt statement at dot midnight (21/07/2015) just as I was thinking of retiring for the day. I was engrossed reading the book Until I say Good Bye by one Susan who writes about her last year as a normal person before being completely diagnosed with ALS. Lolo had already drifted into a deep slumber an hour ago. 

I abruptly closed the book.

"Mama ge phang-pu mala dang? (Mama doesn't love you?)" I rephrased her statement.

"Mala," and Lolo drifted back to sleep.

Of course, this is not true! I know, she knows and everyone knows. 

I will let this statement pass. Lolo may be a smart child but I will let it pass on the assumption that she is too young for such a strong deduction. Or may be she had a dream wherein I was ignoring her (this is a better consolation).

My Lolo is the most beautiful child for all the judgement I can pass. And I shall rest the case here. 

Following are some of the snippets I want to share from the everyday first-time acts portrayed by Lolo:

1) My friend Rima was at our place for sleepover. Lolo was excited beyond heaps and bounds. While I was in the kitchen preparing her milk, I heard Lolo conversing in Dzongkha fearing Rima didn't understand her Sharchhop :)

2) My mother has been trying her best wits to hide the pair of scissors, especially after Lolo cut her hair for the THIRD time. Last afternoon, Lolo came looking for the same. When Ama said she doesn't know where it is, Lolo was heard accusing, "Nan so dhu ma yekchho...khong may na (Don't you dare lie, I will punish you)." She was loud enough for the neighbours to hear.

3) When Lolo refused to listen, my father seemingly threatened that he will go out without her. So, he walked to the door, pulled the door knob and slammed it, hoping Lolo would come running after him. He was wrong - instead of following him, Lolo was seen looking down from the window waiting for Apa to appear outside :)

4) I am to go home with some TANGS (gifts) for her or Lolo won't let me in. One such time, I had taken two jellies. Just as Lucy was handing them to her, she asked for some. When Lucy said she couldn't find more, Lolo pushed her asking, "Goth-cho om-chhang la mo (See if there are some more)". By the way, her Sharchhop is the cutest, and with typical accent from my mother.

5) And our ritual before bed - she opens my mobile phone and orders me to play Monster Zuma. Thanks to her, I now know some tricks around that game. Anything the boss says, I comply :)

P.S: What is there NOT to love about this little munchkin?


  1. Unzoii cutest child ever... Haha third one is very intersting :) I just would like to hear grandpas reaction LOLx... God Bless U zamin Lolo...

  2. Apa is convinced that Lolo wears the smarty pants for now.

    "Na-may sa-mey saybu lana, Lolo tay," he says. Hope you get that :)

  3. You forgot mentioning her peeping me up all the time, checking if I had fallen asleep. She then stood up on the bed, naked only with her nappy, and danced happily..... Unforgettable scene... even when I was half opened my eyes :D

    1. And she still remembers you :) Now I am assured that Lolo has my trait of social blood :)