Friday, July 31, 2015

Potty Training - As easy as it should be!

Being an environmentalist in my own little ways (give me some days, I intend to write an article on this), I am less guilty these days. Lolo has reduced her diaper consumption to just one in a day, meaning only seven in a week! This is like 70% reduction compared to few weeks ago.

My whole idea of her upbringing is natural flow in time. I have less influence in her food habits, dressing choices and her wildness in the house. In my opinion, a child has to grow up sensing his/ her own existence and in the environment that best fits him/her. And this understanding has full agreement from my parents and family members alike. 

One common concern, the potty-training claim. 

The pressure would mount each time I heard a friend's child being potty trained, some way younger than Lolo. The tips came ample - like hard core training through abuse and threats. Oh no, I won't want to impose that on Lolo. My mother's words stand insightful, "I never really potty trained any of my children, you all learnt when you can." By the way, she raised seven children of her own and now the fourth grandchild named Lolo.

Few months ago, I read this eye-opening article:Why NOT to Potty-train when NOT ready
which made me feel like I won the argument. I vowed to myself that Lolo will take her own time and when she is ready, she will.


Independence starts early in life
For the past few weeks, my daughter has been attending to her nature's call. She diligently runs to her potty or when the mood sinks in, to the bathroom. Then the flush...fffffllllluuuuussssshhhhh! At better times she cleans her potty. And her tiny hands. 

This milestone has nothing to do about our coercive measures. My only credit would be buying those potties - one to be used on the toilet pot and other the regular one. Lolo uses both.

Thank you Lolo. You make my life easier than thought. Keep giving me happiness after happiness.

And here is another article on potty training which has some helpful tips.

P.S: As I update this article (12/08/15), Lolo is fully trained and master of her body.


  1. My son had learnt quite early too and he helped me saving money in buying nappies :) Great job Luzee and keep it up teaching her in many other things :)

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    2. In the last three days, her consumption was just ONE diaper! She is doing great, by all means!

      With the saving, I bought her a new outer already :)