Thursday, May 28, 2015

My THREE Wishes

The ten minutes before I drift off to sleep are the most productive time of my day, for these ten minutes give me the only privacy for my thoughts. On one such night, I for no good reason filtered down the THREE wishes I should be granted, had a Genie stood before me.

I imagined the scene unfolding this way:

"Whoa-la! I am the Genie and I am here to grant you your most wishful thoughts...the THREE wishes of your life!"

I think I should pretend being a little surprised or altogether surprised. So, I shriek a bit, scream a little longer and flip my eyelids without a word.

"You have no wish?" Genie ought to pester me a bit.

"I do, I do," and I prolong my surprise.

The Genie smiles broadly and awaits with its folded arms.

"First - grant me a nice voice! You won't believe how envious I am of those voices who pierce my heart each time I listen to their songs. Say Ugyen Pandey's - he has just the most amazing husky voice and can sing anything his way. Think of Pema Deki's - hers is so melodious that I feel melted. There is Minzung's - so soft and heart wrenching. Likewise, I can go on for a long list!"

The Genie asks me to pause. "What makes you want a nice voice?"

"I will sing songs of love - win hearts of everyone. 
I will sing praises of The Enlightened. 
My prayers will go stronger as I recite them, deep from my heart. 
I will compose wonderful lyrics and sing them for everyone. 
I will exploit sociability even more and generate more happiness."

The Genie is pleased and grants me the wish...BOOM!

"Second - make my skin resilient to the sun, heat and allergy. Have you seen how I become frog-skin every spring, summer and autumn? Winter is because I am fully covered. Let my skin go sun-baked!"


"Lastly, grant me the miracle to uplift the lives of those trodden people I see everywhere. 
When I see an old man, give us the strength to provide him a painless aging. 
When I see a homeless child, give me the prayer that will provide a home for the child. 
When I see a sick person, give me the miracle to cure him immediately. 
When I read about wars, give me the power to stop them. 
When I watch about hedious crimes, give me the ability to correct them.
I have too many wishes Genie, to make this world a better place!"

The Genie puts a hard poker face and says, "Write about this incident and make everyone read it. If they feel what you feel, your wish is granted."

And I drifted to sleep with the same croaking voice, the same allergic skin but with the wishful heart.


  1. Haha... nice one Charo! ;)

    1. You see, my wants are less :) Keeping content somehow.

  2. Wonderful Maam Luzee... Keep penning :)

    1. Be sure :) Keep reading, at least for me.