Thursday, April 16, 2015

Gentle Little Lolo Shows the Way

Now that my Lolo has become a "little woman", time with her is so much fun. She says funny little things and makes funny little moves, and in my own words, she is so cute! 

I see a gentle side of my daughter as evident in her personality that I have been observing in the last few months. Unlike many other children of her age, Lolo is not at all jealous of other babies her age. She in facts asks me to fondle them while she caresses their cheeks, and even allows me to attend to them. 

Last weekend, we were over a friend's baby shower where I counted 1-10 heads of children below 5 years. It seemed like a zoo :) In such variety, it's evident how your child behaves. Even without being told, if another child asked for a toy in her hand, Lolo amiably gave it to him/ her, irrespective of the taker being elder or younger than her. I watched her like a proud mother and confided that this girl will be a gentle lady one day!

The joy of sharing is an inherent personality that I personally have found immense joys in. As a child, I grew up within limited capacities to share and I was often branded as a stingy person, well within my family itself. With time, as I began to loosen my grip on defiles, I began to enjoy life more in giving what little I had that to this day, I possess nothing so attached for me to fear giving up.

Also, let me narrate you this incident: Last week, I gave lift to two little primary boys from Semtokha to Lungtenphug. Their eloquence in speaking, at this age, impressed the rest of us in the car. The five minutes drive turned out to be conversational. As they jumped off from the car, I gave them Nu. 50 each and some good words to continue their spirit in being active young minds. The minute the car got back on wheels, I sensed a different air that compelled me to turn my head back. And in the rear mirrors, I saw these little boys giving high-five and dancing "balle-balle" in the middle of the road. That made my day and continue to do so :)

Likewise, the art of giving is a gentle gesture of being self-less, I believe! And my girl seems to know the joy so early in life. As her mother, this is a pride I can ride on for long. And my prayers that she thrive on this gentle side, only growing better with each day. Lolo gets me proud and smart for every little thing she does.


  1. Oh I can imagine the immense joy and proud you had towards Lolo and I understand fully your description of happiness in sharing little that you have for others! Keep this spirit up dear Charo! May Buddha bless you and your family always and bring happiness all throughout your life! Take care and miss you! ^^

  2. Thanks Rima. I know for sure that Lolo will keep me proud for all times to come. She has a good heart, I can feel that.

    Lolo shows bright side of her when she is with others.

  3. Mirror image of you is growing with all the love that she wanted from you la...

    1. Thanks. I really want my daughter to be a person of value and inspirations.