Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Watching the animated movie "Frozen" almost every evening thanks to my little girl (and also the big girls plus my nephew plus myself), I can only hear the tick-tock sound of the clock! Alas, so much time has lapsed since my last update and suddenly Mr. Passu wakes me up with a blogger guilt! (Ha-ha! Passu - you had it guy!).

I am utterly ashamed for the excuse which I always claim is work and family. On a serious note, I am. Let's reiterate a day in my life:

I wake up the call of the winter morning, so compelled to move out of the bed. Every morning, there is only one thought in my mind - how can I pull myself out of bed, out of Lolo's soft paws? Lolo is one excuse why my mornings are late - she is too cute when asleep and I can look at her the entire day with her pouty little lips and tiny weeny nose.

After a hurried prayer, breakfast and make-up, I am out of the house. By then, it is either 9:00 a.m. a little past sometimes but never before than that. I console that I will make up by working over the lunch hour or even after office hours.

The day in the office is one helluva time but I enjoy my work so much so that I find little to complain about, even the when-is-the-lunch-time nostalgia. This comes close to saying why I remain underweight - because the amount of energy I burn in a day is more than what I consume. So, you see my trick is easy to achieve :)

Back home, Lolo intends making up for the time she missed during the day that she is around my neck until she passes out out of tiredness. In between, I get to brush-up for the night, say a little prayer, watch "Desperate Housewives" and honk - until next day. 

OK. So, who is going to pass a judgement to me now? Come on, someone tell me that I am absolutely sane. Too good for a joke but I assure this is the beginning of a now very vibrant update from me.

Until next Tick-Tock and Frozen for tonight, again!


  1. I think you will find your name in my blog post too about the inspiring blogger award. Nice to see an update. :)

    1. Uh... when do I collect the award? Lol...

      Thanks Langa, blogger-world is a big beautiful world.

  2. Nice one .Hope more posts are in line now .Agreed fully when Passu said " Luzee (You are becoming lazy!)" in his blogger award :) . By the way Its always a pleasure reading about your lil Lolo.

    1. Hi Dawa, hope all is good with you.

      Thanks for keeping my energy button pressed. And keep reading about Lolo - she is one of a kind :)

      See you around.