Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My New Lover

I snuggle close to her, and she crawls closer to me. Together we celebrate 25 months! Lolo, my new lover - such big love between us!

People at a glance awe if I am really a mother and with Lolo tagging beside me, they ask if "she is my daughter, really?" I can't blame if I look younger than my age (Ha-ha...modesty seldom follows the truth) but I tell you, motherhood is what completed me, and will, may be until I wait to join the "grandparent" generation, which is a long way for sometimes. 

My Full Moon of Everyday
Every day is a new blessing when you have a little one for whom miracles are countless. Lolo has come to an age where her mere thought, needless to say her presence is an entertaining smile. I can think of her endless times in a day when I sit in the office or even during meetings and discussions. I think of the funny little things she do, like one last evening when she portrayed how my father spanked her for trying to lick the walls. Isn't she cute?

In the family bed as they say, it's Lolo's "soft soft" hands that I hold when I drift to sleep. Sorry to mention but my Husband's presence has become a minority, much to do with his own busy schedule that I can't find him home when he is needed. Then, Lolo is there to keep us warm for the season. 

Thus, one late evening I wandered back to time when we (I and KP) were just a couple, when I was carrying Lolo, when Lolo was born and to this time when Lolo is the center of our survival. So much has changed - for good and so much has been blessed. May be my Husband also feels the lesser need of my presence just as much as I am OK if Lolo is around. She really is my new lover, my confidante and my best friend.

Oh yes, just a while ago she called asking me to bring her "cakes" when I return home :)


  1. Aww, ana, Our Lovely Little Young Lady looking so sweet.
    I may not follow her much in person, but I follow her pretty much many times on fb and blogs :)
    I really can't wait to meet her.
    Ana, you indeed look younger year by year. Every time I look at your picture, I wonder what's the secret behind all those beautiful smiley face.
    You are such an amazing mum.
    Thank you for your support.
    Regards from Bumchu and myself.
    Our love and biggggg HUG to Sweet Lolo!

    1. Thanks Yeesi, nothing beats a youthful heart :)

      We can't wait to see Bumchu as well. Come home soon.