Friday, January 24, 2014


She calls me "Mama" and that completes the feeling!

We have this belief that whichever name the baby calls first, that parent is doomed to struggle! I should believe such things ever exist, because when Lolo called me "" (with her little tongue twister) for the first time, I nearly dropped the dish I was doing! And right next to me was my Hubby who was trying to get her saying "Papa". I felt so complete and heavenly.

For months, I waited to hear this word. Motherhood was born in me from the day a tiny cell called "Lolo" developed inside me. The nine-months she grew inside me, as it was, was a founding journey, much to say how much we are drooling over her every day, even today! But the difference it feels when you hear your name being called in the form you most covet. And mine - "".

My Lolo is such a drama-queen. Even to speak this out, she tongue twists her little mouth to make it sound like it's perfected to the last sonata! We are really loving it, you know. 

Lolo is slowing beginning to enter the real world of touch, color, taste and feel. She has already mastered the art of mimicry that she is right after us imitating anything we do or say. Talk of taste and she hunts for anything (mark my word - anything) within her sight. She eats amla (goose-berry), ti-ti-ri (tamarind), walnuts and what nots. She likes spaghetti, maggie and macroni noodles, including hot cheesy momos. At least in her eating habits, I haven't been so particular. I wanted Lolo to get a taste of everything and she surely gets me weak by proving many a myth wrong! That's my girl.

Also, she is already choosy about her clothes. She knows what keeps her good and what she doesn't like. Lucy stamps, "If Lolo is not Alu's daughter, I will fight the case in the Supreme Court!" Ha-ha. Such comics I have at home to keep me alive and upright. 

The case shall thrive until Lolo learns to acknowledge each of the members by name. And for now, I rest with ten pairs of green eyes around me! Yipee...Lolo's Mama I am, after all!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Lolo's Little Booties

"Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step."

Go Lolo go, go and explore the world and make loads of differences where-ever you go!

Since 17th January, 2014 (ten days after her 1st Birthday), Lolo has started taking few steps of her own. We are very excited about this development in her, it makes us feel like she will walk the world and make very constructive differences, at least her Mama feels this way :) 
Lolo's shoe-rack visitors, to start with.

More than me, my family is excited about her life. Look at the picture where Lolo's first collection of her little booties are featured (and don't miss the worn-out pair of socks inside the pink sandals!). The brown pair is a gift from my brother and Sister-in-law, and the other from my sister. With all her energy, Lolo has been trying to uproot the bunnies off the booties!

My nephew R has been trying to get Lolo walking, that he stands her against the wall and lures her with many attractions in his hands. Even otherwise, the whole household is busy buying Lolo lots of attention. Everyone wants to see her moving on her own and everyone wants Lolo  to be "on her feet".

On her feet! Certainly, this phase will mean she will learn to fight everything her way to make it happen for her. As such, my girl is quite the fighter (I have noticed she won't budge unless she makes the other children around her cry!) and she carries a huge sack of pride on her little nose. This is beautiful - watching your baby find a way for herself. 

As she starts walking (which we are sure is coming in another few days), we stand prepared for the cyclone due to happen. You should drop by our place these days and see for yourself what we mean. Our rooms are like never-sorted-in-last-ten-years, nothing stands where it should be, and soon the floor will be devoid of everything on it, except the things Lolo can't push/ lift or throw. We are going crazy running after her, picking up the things she kicks as she moves. 

Including her little booties!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

"Our Winter Flower" ~~~ Happiest 1st Birthday

Darling Lolo,

Today you came in our lives, in the wake of cold January and warmed our hearts to the fullest volume. Thank you so much.

I should be the happiest mother for having such a lovely child like you, one day you will understand how much we really love you. You complete our family and we are so haplessly in love with you, and with your wits. Already, you are a star.

Last night, I was scanning your chubby little face under the green bulb and guess what! You have the best innocence spread across your face and you lit like a full-moon! I melted :)

Thank you for enriching our lives unlimited, we can sit around you and laugh at the little things you do for us! We are so blessed Darling.

And as you celebrate your 1st Birthday, we want to send all our loves and wishes. In fact, we are celebrating the first anniversary of our founded happiness. Darling, we (the entire family) wish you the best of everything.
You are our WINTER FLOWER - so wrong if people thought no flowers bloom in winter, you did and you still are the most beautiful rose in our garden.

Happy 1st Birthday. We love you,
The Entire Family.