Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mid-way to Terrible TWO

"Ha-ha-ha," this will be the most usual sound roaring from all of us who watch our little Lolo perform her many stunts every day, and each day sees more and more of her developmental acts. 

Lolo hit her "mid-way to terrible two" few days ago, which reminds us to stand prepared for the most terrible phase of her childhood - the TWO-year target! Already, her mischief keeps us entertained and worried (a minute of silence indicates her whereabouts somewhere doing something not meant to!). This morning, she was laid down on the floor when I entered the kitchen. Without a feather's sound, she had followed me and didn't know since when she had been standing near the gas cylinder, her tiny fingers fiddling the hose pipe! And the next minute, she was all over my jackets; apparently her head got struck in one of them and there she was, howling at the top of her voice!

With her freedom to be standing on her feet, Lolo exploits the time with full energy and vigilance. I tell you, she is everywhere. I mean everywhere. 

"She is not two yet? Oh, worse is yet to come," says almost every one who gets my woes for an answer when they ask how Lolo is. I think I say that she keeps me too busy with her movements. So, terrible TWO is what we have to wait and see!

The fact that she is so entertaining (except when she demands to play with water) really keeps the rest of us glued to her performance. Of late, she has picked up some acrobat moves with her hinges and head. For the record, she refuses to wear any footwear unless we go out and into the car, and by the end of the day - you tell me the color of her soles! 

Lolo is too lazy to clean her poo :) Few weeks ago, she had known how to indicate, that I invested into an expensive potty which the lousy weather spared her from the training. Today, she doesn't even let us check on her diapers; the moment she sees us approaching her with the wipes and oil, she jets out at a slippery speed and we running after her until we corner her somewhere on the wall. Then, she screams and rolls over :(

So, terrible TWO is what we have to wait and see. With half a year left to face the stage, our confidence is only wavering. We are many against one but she really is a handful child. If only we didn't love her so much, we wouldn't care much or be at her guard. But we love her very (very) much and we are at her command.

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  1. I have no experience how difficult it is bring up a child as I don't bear one to date. But I have seen how difficult it is to care when they're fledgling to walk. A wink of his absence is a loaded worries. Nice post madam, it's a good lesson for many would-be fathers and mothers.