Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Come Along with Mama

The biggest fear I had about becoming a mother was the compromise on my mobility, considering how much I needed to socialize and move around. But no, this was not to be an issue at all when I decided that wherever I go, Lolo will come along. 

Except during my visits to the hospital wards, funerals and official dinners, otherwise a regular sight will be this Mama with her little one hung around. Be it at the weekend vegetable market, baby showers or any other meeting, Lolo has become an added stamp of my presence. Lolo started her visits since her 4th month and grew up greeting many faces on her way, which definitely shows in the ways she handles the crowd around her. My daughter is not crowd-shy at all, she can handle hundred people around her. In a way, I see a part of my social-animal behaviour in Lolo; she will grow up to like variety of companies around her.

I was totally inspired when I read about the European Parliament Member Lucia Ronzuilli ( who has been taking her daughter Vittoria to the parliament sessions. I was inspired because I want we mothers to be this proud of multitasking our responsibilities, without compromising the foremost "motherhood" in the least. Ms. Lucia is so beautiful to be doing this.

When my Lolo was around six months old, I had taken her for a semi-official dinner, partly because she was still on exclusive breastfeed and largely because she had loose motion that day and needed constant care. We were in a group of several members over dinner. My attention to the gathering wasn't missed, I attended to each of their conversation, except when they laughed that I tended to kiss my daughter and spare the moments to her. I don't know how I still have this gnawing feeling of that evening but even today I feel one of the members didn't approve this scene of me bringing my daughter along, although not spoken aloud but felt very strongly through the expressions. Well, my apology was NOT to promise NOT to bring along Lolo in the future gatherings, rather I said I will save even half a second to spend time with my daughter, in and out of the house.

This is no way an obligation I put on myself. I am OK to take my daughter and attend to her restlessness when the rest roar with laughter. I am OK to be tired and uneven when others choose to spend some quality time for themselves, away from their children. What I am NOT OK is to miss these few years of their innocence - after all, they won't be babies for long! They will grow up to be responsible for themselves. Until then, they need us, especially we mothers to be their attendees.

So, my darling Lolo will forever get this welcome gate message - "Come along with Mama".


  1. Go with your mama, Lolo. Nice post, ma'am. :)

  2. Hi Luzee, me too, brought my dear son to most of my gathering with my friends usually when falls on weekend. It trains him to socialize with adults although sometimes he doesn't know who they are. But at the same time it gives him more exposure to the outer world and I'm glad he enjoys it too. So keep it up this habit. I'm sure she enjoys it and can learn more things from it :)

  3. Lolo really enjoys her outdoor trips. She knows the moment we dress her up, and is out of the door even before we walk out.