Wednesday, January 8, 2014

"Our Winter Flower" ~~~ Happiest 1st Birthday

Darling Lolo,

Today you came in our lives, in the wake of cold January and warmed our hearts to the fullest volume. Thank you so much.

I should be the happiest mother for having such a lovely child like you, one day you will understand how much we really love you. You complete our family and we are so haplessly in love with you, and with your wits. Already, you are a star.

Last night, I was scanning your chubby little face under the green bulb and guess what! You have the best innocence spread across your face and you lit like a full-moon! I melted :)

Thank you for enriching our lives unlimited, we can sit around you and laugh at the little things you do for us! We are so blessed Darling.

And as you celebrate your 1st Birthday, we want to send all our loves and wishes. In fact, we are celebrating the first anniversary of our founded happiness. Darling, we (the entire family) wish you the best of everything.
You are our WINTER FLOWER - so wrong if people thought no flowers bloom in winter, you did and you still are the most beautiful rose in our garden.

Happy 1st Birthday. We love you,
The Entire Family.


  1. Happy Birthday, Lolo. Be always that Winter Flower to your mother and may you grow into a wonderful and kind woman. :)

  2. Luzee, please convey my love and regards to Lolo dear, as well. It is so wonderful to see a happy mother rejoice. Happy Birthday Lolo!

  3. Thank you friends.

    Lolo is our latest obsession and we continue to cherish the happiness that she is. And yes, it means a lot more when we have well wishers around us.