Monday, January 20, 2014

Lolo's Little Booties

"Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step."

Go Lolo go, go and explore the world and make loads of differences where-ever you go!

Since 17th January, 2014 (ten days after her 1st Birthday), Lolo has started taking few steps of her own. We are very excited about this development in her, it makes us feel like she will walk the world and make very constructive differences, at least her Mama feels this way :) 
Lolo's shoe-rack visitors, to start with.

More than me, my family is excited about her life. Look at the picture where Lolo's first collection of her little booties are featured (and don't miss the worn-out pair of socks inside the pink sandals!). The brown pair is a gift from my brother and Sister-in-law, and the other from my sister. With all her energy, Lolo has been trying to uproot the bunnies off the booties!

My nephew R has been trying to get Lolo walking, that he stands her against the wall and lures her with many attractions in his hands. Even otherwise, the whole household is busy buying Lolo lots of attention. Everyone wants to see her moving on her own and everyone wants Lolo  to be "on her feet".

On her feet! Certainly, this phase will mean she will learn to fight everything her way to make it happen for her. As such, my girl is quite the fighter (I have noticed she won't budge unless she makes the other children around her cry!) and she carries a huge sack of pride on her little nose. This is beautiful - watching your baby find a way for herself. 

As she starts walking (which we are sure is coming in another few days), we stand prepared for the cyclone due to happen. You should drop by our place these days and see for yourself what we mean. Our rooms are like never-sorted-in-last-ten-years, nothing stands where it should be, and soon the floor will be devoid of everything on it, except the things Lolo can't push/ lift or throw. We are going crazy running after her, picking up the things she kicks as she moves. 

Including her little booties!


  1. It's really a never ending joy when our babies becomes a toddler. Same joy wrapped me when my nephew began to walk.

    BTW have a nice day. Take care of the happiness of your home. :) Buddha bless all.

    1. Agreed :) Everyday is a new day, a new experience.

      And this is how life goes on :)