Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Why I Missed the 106th National Day Celebration, Physically

The whole of last day, I was at home with Lolo and together we were watching the live broadcast on BBS of the National Day celebrations. We very much enjoyed.

As a mother, I have learnt to prioritize a lot of things. For one, my commitment to watch Lolo grow and until she is of one year, not to go anywhere without her. So, this weekend I am traveling down south with Lolo and her accessories - her bath-tub, her toys, her foods and her clothes to attend a week-long training. At least, I can be with her in the evenings. 

Similarly, weekends and holidays are heartily welcomed in my calender for they mean round the clock with Lolo. One such the National Day Holiday.

Right at 10:00 a.m. we switched on the old TV set at home. I know my girl is too young to understand everything but that didn't spare her from getting the updates from me. When I watched His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo (my heart exploded with happiness!), I narrated to Lolo the role of this godly King because of whose hardwork we are living peacefully today. She smiled in return. 

Likely, we enjoyed each of the events with so much of love, respect and spirit of nationalism. Lolo particularly loved the mask dances during the chipdrel and marchang ceremonies. Even for a baby, those events generated so much of interest and enthusiasm that she kept pointing her little finger to the TV set.

When His Majesty addressed the country, the two of us listened with such happiness. Somehow I got the feeling that Lolo understand more than what I did, because along with us, her generation will work under the great leadership of our King!

You see, I missed the National Day Celebration, I mean physically  because I saw myself in a bigger role rather being with Lolo. She needed to get the right taste of this nationalist feeling on her 1st episode of our national celebration. As she grows up, she will begin to rejoice her birth as a blessing and to be called a Bhutanese. She will love her Kings, her country and her people.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Working Mother

Then, 24 hours was not enough for me; Now, 24 hours is never really enough! While I very much enjoy this new phase in my life - the motherhood phase, there are few things which are totally out of my hands. One, the tick of the clock!

Just back from feeding, I know tiredness climbs onto me more gracefully than lethargy. Morning hours are all rushed up. For the last ten months, my Hubby has been so cooperative that he prepared breakfast, packed the lunch boxes for the three elder girls and dropped them to school. But how much can you expect your man to do these chores?

These days Lolo is kind enough to sleep at least until 8 a.m. but surprisingly at times the moment I am out of bed, she opens her tiny eyes following my movement. This kinda shows how mother and child are connected! Still, she is such an amiable child and doesn't bother me until I am done with the kitchen work. First, I need to broom the whole house (the terrible OCD I have), then breakfast, then Lolo's food for the day and finally the five-minute slot to get myself dressed up. Every morning, we are used to running few minutes later than the projected time.

Honestly, when I was to join back to work after my maternity leave, how I wished I could stay home for a longer time with Lolo. My heart broke each time I kissed her good-bye until next. And this routine has brought us to the 11th month since. Today, I look back - am I not glad that I stood? Yes, I am. 

Like I and Aue Tashi discussed over tea during our last meeting, giving up one's career for the children is sacrificial and good in one way, but if you look deeper into the matter, there is so much you will miss out making this choice. As a working mother, no doubt that life is gun-on-your-head but a larger part of the appreciation is how you manage the little time you have in hand. Work in office keeps mounting and calling; you may crib, burst or hoard but you do it anyway. Being home doesn't spare you from the normal chores plus the thousand more with the baby, and you do those anyway as well. Social life becomes a little tight with less time for family and friends but again the beauty of having someone more precious to take care of. Financial calculations are on the miserly side and you become such good accountants! Shopping is more fun because you can toy up your child and exhibit a bit of your creation. 

My friend Kuenza puts it this way, "We working mothers are good managers, people should recruit us for bigger responsibilities." I like that and I agree to her every word. Yes, we skill the management arts being working mothers and we are overwhelmingly patient with many people, with many things. By the way, when was the last time I lost my temper? See, I can't remember that!

When I think of the 'woes of a working mother', I salute all women who share the same mixed feelings like me. One day, as I narrate the childhood stories to Lolo, I will tell her this that she taught me more than I could have taught her. I didn't give up my work for her, and I will also NOT give her up for anything else. Hence, I don't mind this tiredness right now and I have this energy to smile as I write this article.