Friday, August 16, 2013

From a Mother to Her Daughter - on her 7th month.

Dear Lolo,

We are seven months old now. It gives me so much joy to look back to the last seven months of our time and I feel so happy to celebrate this special bond between us.

As you started to grow in my tummy, everyday was a feeling of happiness and joy. How much I rejoiced the prospect of motherhood, only I can explain! We began this wonderful journey, being connected through and in hearts – because you will be my child and I your mother. I should have known.

Then you came, announcing your arrival with the loudest cry of a baby. You were pink, cuddled and faintish, with such lengthy limbs not seen on any child before and your hands were so blue. Even in that dire moment of pain, I noticed the perfect fingers and toes attached to your little hands and legs. Your nose was flat, puffy and had white dots.  But your black hair made you look so perfect, even in that naked stature of a new-born.

You had such a welcome team awaiting your arrival at the hospital. Your Papa, who will continue to be our biggest asset, was there through the whole time. His smile had only one message – that he knew unlimited happiness. And your Amchi couldn’t hold her happiness either. She knew she would love you immediately. As we walked out of the labour room, we had your Ajang-Daddy, Ane, Ana Lucy and Acho Rigcee, eagerly waiting to get the first glimpse of the newest member in the family. You were an immediate celebrity! Oh, we shouldn’t forget to thank Dr. Narayan Rizal and Sister Yangden, who took their personal initiative to bring you to the world. Later, Ana Lekshey joined the team and she took an immediate responsibility of being your elder sister.

Back home the following day, we were joined by Ajang Kezang and Azem Kezang who traveled from Gelephug on your two day. Your maternal grandparents and Ana Lilly returned from Punakha the next day. My father, your grandfather, had performed the lhab-sang thruesel of all your elder cousins, so I wished he would conduct yours as well. As if planned, he arrived right on time to conduct the ritual the next morning, after being away for more than two months attending the various religious discourses. This was a clear indication of the family union you are born into.

Everyone wanted to hold and caress you, and you became everyone’s favourite. To be pampered is your right, I guess, that you should receive so much love and attention from all of us. When Aku Chencho and Apchi came from Sibsoo, the last of the family members to bless you, they had to join the queue to hold you. So, you see Lolo – you have a big family already, and we love you very much.

The next two months saw hundreds of visitors who came to bless you. Our house became little less than a fish market but the feeling that those visitors acknowledged your arrival and took such efforts to welcome you was the most enlightening feeling of your Mama, this woman writing this story! 

Lolo, you must know that the world is not always a perfect place. I will not be able to protect you from all the vices and pains, no matter how hard I try. As a mother, I would wish my child to live the heavenly life ever, and keep her away from all the sorrows and unhappiness. But I know this is a utopian wish, never a reality for anyone. Instead, I will groom you strong enough to face the truths of life; strong enough to fight the adversaries and strong enough to withstand any obstacle your way. I will teach you to smile through the tears, wake you up from dreams to face the realities and inculcate honesty and integrity, the two must-have values your father and I respect.

Also, I will constantly remind you to keep your family and values above name, fame, wealth, money and material. In pursuit of the latter, do not ever lose the former. Life has death following like a shadow. When you are alive, you might as well live it in the right way. Be content with what you have – remember that even the richest man dies penniless. Your father and I may not have anything substantial to give you and your sister Lekshey, but we will never starve you or throw you to the streets. We have decided to give you both the best of education instead of materials, so that one day you will stand on your feet and make yourself worthy of your survival.

Oh, I think I am getting carried away now. You see, this is what I keep thinking every moment. I seem to be with lots of plans up my sleeves to ensure that I be the best mother ever. In return of the joy you give us, we want to be the best family for you.

Alright, for today I stop here. I only want you to know that the last seven months of our life has been the most enriching because of your presence and we love you very much.

Your Mama (signed with full love!)