Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Crawlies ~~~

"Look, Lolo is crawling!" and the news was all over the places. Desperate phone calls were made to all the concerned family members residing in different parts of Thimphu and outside Thimphu, text messages to friends and all cameras on roll! It felt like a magical moment! So, Lolo began to crawl a little after ten months!

Now, she is everywhere. She has gained the first step towards her independence and freedom. She is enjoying her movement, much to the dismay to the rest of us. Because, this has now become a good work-out for us. We are all like, "Lolo, don't go there!" "Lolo, don't pick that!" Last morning, she was all over my cupboard, taking out every single piece of cloth. I nearly fainted :)

When my nephew Little R was her age, I remember my parents' cries, "We parented seven children, none were this restless like Rigcee!" And now they are like, "Even Rigcee wasn't this restless." I hear my mother lamenting, "Lolo, your mother wasn't a bit like you!" This is so funny to come from my mother.

"Alu, what did you eat when you were pregnant with Lolo?" Lucy asks me almost everyday. Honestly, I had one of the most wonderful pregnancy processes -save those first few months of sickness, rest of the months were without much of a problem. I look back to those days when I had Lolo growing inside and there is something I was so sure of.
Lolo attempting one of her army-style crawls.

Things were little hazy then - the numerous family issues we were subjected to and the frequent fusses I had with my colleagues. I wasn't meaning to be tough but the situations demanded; for weeks in continuation I was at the confronting stage, that at one time I even visited the Psychiatrist to confirm if my unborn child will be effected by all the stress and tension I was going through! The Dr. confirmed he/ she won't be, but as a mother I knew somewhere my child will inherit this stubborn-gene. Lolo sure did that!

Close to my delivery, I hitched a big fuss with someone who seemingly was taking advantage of my physical and mental state at that time. I was eight months pregnant then and near to bursting. That was one of the fight-back moments, at the risk of passing the trait to my child. Truly, Lolo is the Boss everywhere - I can't leave her unattended with other kids, she would have gotten them into tears when I turn back! And at home, her screams hold us tight in corners.

Now  that she is everywhere, her stubborn nature is only growing more. She wants everything her way and is so determined to reach for what registers into her mind! Perhaps the only consolation is that in today's world, Lolo is definite to find a place. But am not complaining here - I only mean to say that Lolo keeps our home and hearts alive.


  1. I understand how happy you are to have such a cute little angel in your home. Yes, children are the ornament of our home. Your write up made me to remember my toddler nephew. Thank you for the post madam. Have a nice time with your baby. Tcare. :-)

    1. Thank you Sonam. I can't thank enough for the gift we got in the name of Lolo, she is really everything we wanted in life.

      You will agree more to my stories when you become a father yourself :)

  2. What a cute Post and cute baby!
    wish you all the good and busy life ahead with baby ma''am..:-)

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    1. :) Lolo from being a cutie is a real Tigress :)

      Thanks, I always say that if my life was busy pre-Lolo era, then I am super-busy post-Lolo era!