Thursday, October 17, 2013

Motherhood Bliss

On a typical weekend, you will catch me wrestling with Lolo from dawn to dusk. Her energy level is alarming despite her weighty figure and she manages to keep the rest of us in shape. She is our huge entertainer at home - all teeth are falling in and out laughing at the little things she does for us.

This is 'motherhood bliss' and I love it. In fact, all of us are blessed in one way or the other. Like my parents who are enjoying parenthood for the 11th time, they are not tired as yet. They spare every single minute to hover around Lolo and attend to her. Both in 70s but the most active generation in the family.

My Hubby seems to be enjoying parenthood to the fullest with Lolo right now. He seems to have missed a major part of joy during Leksh's childhood, very unfortunate though. When I watch him with Lolo, I wonder if he remembers that this is his second, because he is so engrossed and taken away by the joy of being a father. I am happy for him.

Our elder daughter Leksh is ever the big sister to Lolo. They make a good pair, also by the similar features they inherited from their father, irrespective of who their mothers are! But Leksh is a daughter to me just as much as she respects me as her mother. I think what Lucy said makes perfect sense, "Alu, you have always been a parent, perhaps this time a parent to a baby." (KP and I claim we are parents to five kids - Two daughters, two nieces and one naughty nephew in Mr. R!)

I have always believed in the potential of we women that we can either break or make a man. Like we women can break or make a family. Like we women can break or make a life. In my case, I am a winner - because I made a man, a family and a life. Nothing makes me prouder than this achievement that my life is perfectly good. We are not rich, we are not wealthy, neither are we powerful. But we are seriously happy.

Motherhood has exposed a gentle part of me, and a bigger capability. The hundred things I do in a day as a working mother, daughter and wife tell me that. To that extend that we sit around a table and laugh at our worries. Because we are there for each other, if not anything else.

And this I thank Motherhood for all the joys in my family. Thank you Lolo for keeping us together. 


  1. Great, great, Ma'am Luzee. Nice to see your update after a long time. Enjoy the motherhood bliss to the fullest. Yeah, I have seen photos of your lolo on FB and she looks really strong and healthy. Keep updating! :)

  2. Fatherhood, I would say is also equally blissful though it can never equal motherhood. Nice post

  3. Thank you gentlemen, are you guys in the league already or on the way? Do not miss this, I would say. No other joy equals the joy of watching your child grow up.