Thursday, October 31, 2013

Baby, Baby-sitting and Baby-sitter!

One of the hottest topics over lunch-time is 'baby-sitting'. 

When we planned to start a family, my Hubby and I were more worried about financial implication than anything else. But today, that seems to be the least of the worries - there are many other pressing concerns which are far more essential in raising children. 

Right now, the biggest concern or rather a problem with many is the issue of baby-sitting and getting a good baby-sitter, especially for those working mothers. Trust me, we don't feel good to have our parents baby sitting our children, but who otherwise will be better than them? If you look at the kind of care and love with which they tend to our children (the very way they must have tended us), we feel haplessly blessed that our parents are around us, for all times' sake! I am genuinely glad that my father and mother took onto themselves to bring up all their grandchildren (Lolo in the 4th position) without any dependence on baby sitters! Sadly, not everyone is blessed as we are.

A good family friend has been struggling to get a good baby sitter for months now. How often I wish I could help her out, like few times I offered her to reach her baby to my place, but we stay at the two edges of the town! So, it's literally half an hour drive one way to reach my place! And she is one of the many such cases, like the sweeper lady at my work place who does the cleaning job carrying her 10-month baby at the back, like those city sweepers along the expressway who work tirelessly with their babies! 

When I look at all these, my worries are minimal. I shouldn't be complaining of the sleepless nights (honest, Lolo isn't that cranky kind - except for the two feeds in the night, otherwise she lays down by 10 p.m. and up only around 7 a.m. Thank you Lolo!) or about the physical tiredness (without a helper at home, I amiably do all the chores from washing to feeding to bathing and the rest). 

Sometimes, I wonder what if I had a helper? First fear is the laziness that might creep deep within - I don't want that. And the trust level - how trustworthy are they? My other friend narrates horrifying stories of her baby sitter's behaviour, and that left me thanking of not having one to worry about. With your parents, you are saved of that aspect. 

By and by, I totally agree that baby sitting is a tough job. Perhaps that explains why many reason that they would rather work on the streets than baby sit at home! But being a mother, I have less to complain. Because the joy of watching your child grow is in-exchangeable. 

And we have been laughing a bit too loud at Lolo's new talent - she dances with her head "Dhug-chung dhug-chung!" That's the cutest!


  1. There are many parents both going to office and leaving their child either attended by aged grandparents or letting neighbor to sit their babies. Finding a baby sitter has become like a hide and seek game. I just don't understand why we are really facing this problem!

  2. I know. And many feel if we had the choice of bringing day workers from across the border, it might help ease the problem. Personally, I am not so sure if that will be any good for I just can't think of leaving my daughter with anyone alone without someone I trust around her.

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