Thursday, September 26, 2013

My Lolo is Little Unwell

For the first time in eight months, Lolo is down with cold (which she apparently caught from me) and for the first time she is fussy. This worries all of us, me especially when I can't bear to see my otherwise super-duper active girl drooped to a collapsed figure. 

Last to last night, she had bad fever and her body felt like a furnace. We were awake at the wee hours of the night nursing and entertaining her. Motherhood prepares you for beautiful times but times like this are hard to be battled. Thankfully, she is a little better this morning. I just hope she is even better as I sit in office writing this article. 

I still haven't learnt to complain about being busy round the clock, but often I wish there was something different even for a day. Like I wake up to the same routine and end with just the same routine. Should there be some offers of change, I am made to think not twice but hundred times, ultimately meeting with a flat denial because I can't afford a change!

I was home full-time baby sitting just two weeks ago. Lolo and I woke up at the same time, we were play-dates the entire days and we had so many more things to do together. When we got bored staying inside, we went out and talked to the wind. My Lolo is a big fan of nature that she loves open air and insists being taken out most of the day.

Yet, for the last few days Lolo looked pale and deflated. It even showed some eye-bags. Her chubby hands became lifeless. She wouldn't eat or feed, not to mention her motionless figure. Looking at her, it made me wish she never had to undergo any such moments and like I wrote a friend, how I wish they spoke sooner! Right now, it's like she has million things to complain but she can't and we have to assume ourselves.

People blame that I am a first-time fussy mother. I won't buy that easily. I am completely freaked out because my baby is still a baby and what I can care now is what will matter for the rest of her life. This sounds sacrificial but yes, that it is. Over the last two years, I have kept myself put for many many things, simply for the reason that my baby deserves her childhood to be the best. 

And when she is unwell like this, it makes me think more defensive than ever. I know sitting in office and pretending to work while my entire mind is with her is also a fallacy. So, I got here and am leaving this note to my girl - "Get well soon Lolo and give us the sound of laughter!"


  1. I know such times are heart breaking and often reminder of love invested on us by our parents.
    But the good thing about children falling sick is that it's a sign they are undergoing physical change. Often they come out of it and surprise us with a huge difference in them.

  2. Hi Luzee,
    these things are simply means that Lolo is growing up fast,....I have overcome 3 such cases (with my 3 daughters)... on many occasions I have spent many sleepless nights in the hospital.. Those nights were the most terrible nights of my life... and i know how u feel......

    But later I came to know that babies fall sick especially when they have sprouting teeths in their mouth, when they are nearing to crawl, and when they are learning to walk. So don't panic much .. take her to the hospital......and do as advised by doctors.....and do not cover here when she is having a high fever.......

    all the best to Lolo. I hope she will over come this natural process and recover soon ....


  3. Thank you fathers, you men are reassuring :)

    You know how we mothers get totally worried and panic unnecessarily. We only want to be fair with our kids.

    I think Lolo is on her way to crawling/ standing. Attempts are shown in those regards. I just can't wait to take her for walks :)

  4. Hello Ana,
    I hope she gets better soon and then you can rid off all your endless worries for her. She is in best hands and she will jump with laughter very soon.
    My love to Lolo.
    Miss you Ana. Always!

  5. Yes yes, she is almost back to her bubbly self and makes us worry less. And also, she has many tactics up her sleeve, so that's something new to cherish about.

    Are you coming home soon? Please make a point to see us at the earliest...Lolo loves new company!