Sunday, July 7, 2013

Where is TIME these days?

Is the world OK? Am I OK? Well, I have begun to ask weird questions just to awake this sense of 'alive' in me, but of course I have been awake in my best way.

To be a mother is the best role a woman can play in her life.

To be a mother is - to wake up couple of times in the night and yet feel like you had the most undisturbed sleep! Thus, a Mother is Compromise.

To be a mother is - to horde your anger until you burst but a single look at the baby is just enough to forgive the man who makes you cry, because he gave you this bundle of joy. Thus, a Mother is Patience!

To be a mother is - to wait until the clock strikes 'the moment' to go to office and wait for 'the moment' to rush back home, so that you may spent every single minute with your child. Thus, a Mother is Energy.

To be a mother is - to hastily look for the lost pair of glove, and drive home wearing just one pair, because you can't afford to waste time scanning the car. You also ignore anyone's surprised eyes, because you know they will never understand your story. Thus, a Mother is Bliss.

To be a mother is - to pick up a nice pair of slippers, ask for the price and when you calculate, perhaps you can buy few items for your baby and then you excuse saying 'the size is bit too big' (if the salesgirl offers a bigger size, you give a better excuse!). Thus, a Mother is Sacrifice.

To be a mother is - to keep one's mind never at rest, because you want the entire world to talk nothing but about your baby and you feel so good to be this special in giving a life. You feel only you are capable of this beauty. Thus, a Mother is Eternal Beauty.

To be a mother is - (at last) this kind of blogger who blogs once in a few months, just to keep the world informed that her new found world is what keeps this busy Mama occupied round the clock. (And the next article won't be long, so I promise.) Thus, a Mother is Promise for a better tomorrow.

I am a Mother.


  1. AnonymousJuly 07, 2013

    Hi Mama Luzee,
    It's nice to read your blog update after a long time. A really interesting post on how a mother's life is. No one but mothers alone know that! Liked reading it. Hope you are doing great and looking forward to your next update. :)

    1. :) Langa!

      Yes yes, I am at the top of the world right now and it's such a wonder to see my Lolo growing up every day. You will also understand the joy when you are a parent (very soon?).

      Keep reading!

  2. true:) i just felt that u wrote my heart out there:)keep writing it makes me not guilty fpr not updating my

    1. I write for all Mothers!