Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Post Election Thoughts.

I have so much to thank my humble background and my uneducated parents for NOT instilling the fire of politics in any of us siblings. Thank God, none of us would ever aspire to be a politician and I pray none of our children also ever think of it.

Watching the two rounds of elections in Bhutan (and many others all around the world), the conviction becomes even stronger that this line of profession would require someone to be hard-core and steel-made. Which we are not. 

I am neither anti-DPT nor pro-PDP but the fireball of the last election tormented me for no good reasons. Should I say I was concerned as a concerned citizen of the country? Obviously. To the fact that having worked with the previous government for the last five years, we are bound to have some attachment. Hence, the result disheartened us emotionally. But PDP is no new to us. With its role as the government now, we have our own apprehension and expectation, not that we undermine their capabilities. So, that leaves us with hope and prayers for better times. 

Seriousness aside, I have unwritten fears of being a politician:

I don’t think I will have to heart to criticize/ defame or brutalize my opponent in the name of politics or winning some votes for myself. As I watched the public forum debates of the constituencies, how I wished they talked more of what they would do in their constituencies, rather than fishing out for excuses of the other party. This is certainly not me. 

I am scared of big cars (ha-ha). I haven’t driven the SUV we bought some 18 months back, because I feel women look womanly in smaller cars. So, I was thinking that if I were a politician I might have to drive one big car and that will be a total disaster. Hence, I rest my case (and fear) here. 

Travel – I enjoy traveling but not in the sun. Like I joke, God gave me everything except a good skin. Few minutes in the sun and I become like a boiled crocodile. If I were a politician, I may have to walk for miles and miles. This has become a serious fear to me. Therefore, I resorted to respect my sensitive skin.

I am more of a stay-home person, and now that I have a child, every minute saved is a minute more with my girl. Being a politician seems to require one to be on travel most of the time. Well, this goes against my will as well.

Even in reading, I have lesser interest to read on power, politics and wars. Somehow, I fail to understand what makes a person so crazy about all these kinds of interests. This perhaps is an indication of my displeasure towards these fields. And I thank myself for keeping away from the politics of politics.

But I voted as a responsible citizen. I voted with the prayer to choose the right government, with the hope that we citizens do not fail in our choices to choose our own leaders. Whatever the outcome of the election, it is within us to respect. 

Election shouldn’t be about choosing a person over the other, but about choosing the right people for the bigger interest of the nation. It shouldn’t be about personal gains, but about larger interest of the whole lot of people. 

Therefore, I send my sincere prayers for the future of our country. We have so much to care, worry and be concerned about our beautiful country.


  1. AnonymousJuly 16, 2013

    I remember seeing somewhere you saying that your friends think you will make a good politician. It is just the opposite, it is clear as I read this post. I liked the post, ma'am Luzee. And that SUV thing was funny and also noteworthy. I also don't like BIG things. lol.

    Hope the new government will not fail us. :) Keep writing.

    1. I know. The more we understand democracy, the more we keep our hopes high! We will stand the test of time, or the new government will?

  2. You at least wrote something about it. I have been thinking the same things. But seriously, you will make a good politician, if you must venture on it.

    1. Oh no no, don't ever encourage me in that direction :( I think it's a game out of the box, makes me sick to the stomach.