Friday, April 12, 2013

Thus, My Life's Journey Continues

I know I have been awfully silent for the last few months, if only someone could guess the series of events that changed my life forever, but as I say 'to the positive side'.

On 08th January, 2013 I gave birth to a healthy baby girl weighing 3.2 kgs - pink, shrill and active. Her birth came so graciously, you know the tantrums of labour pains, the visits to the hospital and everything about being a mother. I was so excited about this new prospect in life and enjoyed every bit of my time since then.

Today, my girl is 95 days (OMG - 95 days since my life changed!) and she is + 7 kgs, round and chubby, very (very) active and restless, and (thankfully) an amiable and peaceful child. She is at home right now as I write this piece, had called my father a while ago and he said she woke up after a short nap. Her mild cries filled in while we conversed. We fondly call her 'Lolo', must say my 'Lhasen' finally came to me.

To be a mother is one of the biggest challenges in life, one that comes with no regret or complain. I so love all my moments with her, have greatly enjoyed watching her grow everyday. Undisturbed sleep is perhaps something I miss and the luxury I know I can't demand for the next few years. What does it matter, so long as the little life you gave gives you more joy than ever!

I can talk about nothing but my girl, I can think about no one but my girl. She is like the beauty I had envisioned and couldn't possess until the day she shot her presence into the world! There is nothing more beautiful than being a mother, really. To be a mother is this that you get to define beauty in many (many) words, in many (many) forms.

I feel Lolo and I make a perfect pair, we have so much in common - one remarkably our eloquent conversational ability (must to be the fear of my Hubby who is already foreseeing the daughter overtaking her mother!). Lolo began her tal-tol expressions a little before she completed her 2nd month and today she has million things to talk to anyone around her (we all wish we understood her). She loves 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'. I sing to her and she sings along - isn't that beautiful? Her smile is enchanting, that small curve of her mouth. Oh, how I miss her as I write about all these!

I can go volumes about her, but for a start, this is the piece. Before I rush back to feed her, I must complete some work. I write this to declare that the most exciting journey of my life began a year ago and there is no stop to enjoying this excitement! More to come as I fill in the diary of my life.


  1. Congratulations for your exciting new life.

  2. Congratulations luzee.
    Well happy to see u blogging again. missed ur post desperately.This post made my day. Keep posting and hope to read a lot abt Lolo here after.

  3. Congratulations and Tashi Delek. I hope Lolo also grow up to be a wonderful person like her mom and dad.

    May you and your family have many many happy times ahead.

    With regards and Wishes


  4. Congratulations, ma'am Luzee on becoming a mother to a lovely daughter! I've seen her pics on your FB profile. It's nice to see you come back here with a sweet and beautiful post. Looking forward to more such posts as you continue the changed phase of your life with your beautiful, young baby daughter. Have a good day! I really missed your updates. :)

  5. Its nice to see you back!
    Congratulations for the new leaf of life and best wishes ahead. it is interesting reading your writings...

  6. Wishing Lolo Happy 95th day and may she live for another 100 years bestowing and ushering happiness onto you.
    Trashey dellek!

  7. Thanks everyone for sharing my happiness and making me feel even more fortunate than I thought. It will be my pleasure to keep posting about 'Princess Lolo' because she is a complete joy.

    Keep reading!