Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Learning Patience, Being Patient

"Check your blood pressure," my Hubby hushes every time I roar into those tiny moments of anger, which thankfully are not often. And surprisingly in the last few months I have calmed down just as much as the sea - so sober, humble and pathetic. So, this is how one matures with time and experience. (Because, I am going through a wonderful life experience!)

Who would experience such a deadly blow in the middle of the express-way, exactly at the rush hours when the cars speeding by are but flying missiles? Me! Me! Me! Right, last to last week, I was at the Babesa-Thimphu expressway with a flat tire - the time noted 8:25 a.m. and in the car were my school-going nieces (who started fidgeting with fears of getting late) and two lady-friends taking a lift. I, like a C-O-O-L Dude made few calls, arranged to reach the passengers, fixed the tire (my Hubby of course, still in his bathroom slippers and tracks) and rushed down to the workshop like on a normal day!

Back home in the evening, Hubby demanded some lessons learnt and one big explanation from me. I said, "Why bore over the begone past? (sounding like some lunatic poet)" and closed the chapter. [His surprised expression indicated only one conclusion - What is wrong with my wife these days? Why isn't she screaming and cribbing like before? Sorry Hubby, your wife is all calm now...calm as the sea!]

Again. (Yes, I am always in for some adventure.) I locked the car key inside and started casting a drama on the ring-road, again during the morning rush hours. The road in front of my current working place is a total disaster in the morning - we have tens of constructions going on (with their big trucks lined up the road) and the worst part of the road being two-ways. Imagine the traffic in the morning!

Yesterday morning, I was the catch at the traffic with a 30-cm scale in my hand (no, never losing my smile all the way), desperately trying to push open the lock. A friend came to help  - no luck. She left with a small prayer. Another attempt. No luck yet. Another came. No luck. Until few more attempts and bingo, it worked. What surprised me was not the way it worked, but the way I stayed composed and hopeful. It seemed like there is always a way out, no matter in what kind of situation you are. 

Really, this wasn't me few months ago. Then, I went berserk at the slightest tinge of a failed moment. But today, oh I am as casual as anything before me. Back on the chair, I recounted these moments and couldn't help smiling at how patient I tend to be now. Thanks to life, for all the lessons sent my way. To the people who made me what I am today, contributing in all modes (positive/ negative). To all the lessons/experiences/adventures. To the glory of  a life's experience, because life is what you make of it, and not what others think of it.