Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Trying NOT to complain!

Lately, we are going through a financial crisis and it worries me much, perhaps more than what it worries my Hubby. He for one is a man who can stand any kind of situation hitting him and says we will make through. I like to applaud his calmness, if only that were some kind of solace anywhere.

Worse when you parents begin to join in the worry-line. I nowhere wanted them to be a part of this game, they had their enough share while we grew up and now that they are to be relaxed and at home, they shouldn't feature in this drama. Last to last evening, when we went to the town to buy a new piece of furniture, Apa offered his contribution. Very kind of him but must be beg, borrow or steal, we swore not to burden our parents anymore than this.

But that's OK. Everything is momentary, I see a light at the end of the tunnel. There is always a hope called "Everything will be alright one tomorrow (who cares when that tomorrow may come!)". In a way, such situations intangibly help to foster closer relationship and intense thoughts. 

I always blame our little desires for creating such moments. If we hadn't invested our little savings in the new car, may be we wouldn't be fighting odds to end. But then, we civil servants are at the mercy of borrowed investment, without which we will retire being nothing, with nothing. Just think of it - one person's earning is completely into paying rent and consumption for the month. The other person's earning goes into miscellaneous expenses, often your expenditure exceeds your earnings. And to say we are not that lavish kind, you know we are very optimum with our expenditure. Then?

That was the time when we decided to give ourselves a challenge to our survival. We borrowed from all sources possible and made a small investment. Surprisingly, days moved on and debts are followings their own tolls of replacement. Very certain of my parents to worry too much for us but we assure that we are still better off ( the way KP puts his communication skills :)).

As I told a friend, having the right hands to hold is the biggest solace around. A look at KP and I know that he and I will make through the struggles together, with or without the luxuries of life. I am blessed to have him understanding me at his best and it's indeed a pleasure to share every piece of happiness and worry together. Because love is the biggest blessing of all.


  1. You are better off than we are -- because we are paying more than double the rent two of you are paying. I keep thinking of the calculation you once made -- of how it is better living on rent than buying a land and building a house. What if we die before we had time to live peacefully in the house we built, before we could even pay off all the debt? It will defeat the purpose of having made that investment.

  2. But we are obligated in many other ways :) Not to complain though, I am very positive that things will hang on and we will go on as we do. On the same issue, yes I am still of the same opinion. Be assured that would be perhaps one of the last investments we intend to make...unless we want to age faster:)