Monday, October 15, 2012

Conversation with God...and I

How I enjoy the solitude, only I know! Especially when my mind is wide open and I let all the wild thoughts run inside me. These are perhaps the only time I remember God (if there be one) in the truest needs. And I His faithful servant.

My life in the last one year has been the most happening - family-wise, friend-wise and also work-wise. On the former front, I just can't believe how things turned out to be. One time it was my people in the drama, other times people from my Hubby's side, but at the end of the day, those who mean good stick by you anyway and those otherwise are worth otherwise. Till date, this is one episode I refuse to let go off - any time I am alone, I think of those bad times. I feel worse at end, imagining how one earth I was made to face all those ordeals. And then there is this unseen force (name it as "God") who gives me all the console I need. The voidness around me shows it was a test I passed, with great pride and delight. I am so much thankful to the situations and the people who created them, for they have given a good start to my life.

When we go for rides, KP often portrays the rare side of his nature - being hurt just as much. It isn't him to take anything to heart but this time round, both of us were victimized for the wrongs we never did. I take his hands and assure that we will be alright, and right beside me stands this God who again assures that all will be alright. True enough, we are faring well despite the pains, hurt and sadness around us.

In bed, before we drift to sleep, we again talk about the turn of events. With this trauma, we cross the thin boundary into sleep and wake up with the thankfulness that we made it again for another glorious day. Often, even in the sleep I am conversing with God! How many times I say the same thing that it's OK to be wronged, OK to be hurt, OK to forgive and forget - I am reciting the lines like it's a mastery for keeps.

Thankfully, the continued conversation helps us feel better. I shall not wait for the judgment day, the judgment is done everyday. I am so assured that God keeps the best for the last - after everything, this is there - our love and happiness.

KP calls me Zala-Abi and says I am no better. When I called him Langur, he thought I was unreasonable. But we both trust this unseen phantom God and we keep our vows strong. Oh by the way, the last conversation I had with God...and I was: "Dear God, for all the wrongs in the world, let the single right be stronger and more matured". And God said, "Silly you, you speak insane. That's why there is only one God and many devils against me." I laughed myself to sleep... for another glorious day. 


  1. Interesting post as awlays. Good night, Luzee. Go sleep now, God is always there for us and KP's arms are waiting for you. :)

    P.s.: If you don't mind, you may kindly remove the word verification while commenting. It makes commenting difficult. Just a suggestion again.

  2. Indeed, God and KP won't betray me in the least.

    Thanks for the suggestion, let me see where the problem is! Keep reading and commenting, means a lot.