Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday = Weeping-Day?

I call this a big change in me, say a positive one. Else, by this time I should be doomed to disaster and screaming at my heart's content. I must say I had a terrible Wednesday forenoon today.

It all began like this: Very unusual that we ran out of curry in the morning. I assure the quantity wasn't any lesser than the usual amount and to say we were one person less today. Just before we dashed out of the door, my sister was there preparing omelette for KP who was still saying his prayers. And I had kept a friend waiting at the "junction", her consistent calls made me (and her) anxious. Anyway, the explanation of the "omelette" sufficed her to run back to her staff who were waiting for the keys to office.

I was to attend a meeting at 10:00 a.m. Taking advantage of the one-hour before the meeting, I wanted to rush to the Bank to deposit a cheque for which I needed to get it sealed. Sadly the seals were in my office. So, I drove one round to Changzamtok, only to realize that the shop where we normally keep our office key was locked. I called the shop-keeper, she said she "is coming" but the coming lasted twenty minutes and still no sign. Kezang was getting late for her orientation. With a long face, we rushed back (met the shopkeeper halfway to her shop) and dropped Kezang at the Swimming Pool Junction.

Unknowingly I was there at the Zangdopelri Parking (still the mystery is not figured why I drove there). I took a curvy turn to park the car, walked five minutes and realized what I fool I was. After all, I was to attend the meeting at Taj, and later drive down to Lungtenzampa School to pick up Lilly. She needed to go to the hospital. With a deep sigh, I gave another curvy turn and drove to T-Bank.

I wanted to reach some apples for my friend Pema in DRC. I called her and she asked if I were in the parking lot. I said yes but realized I was parked in front of T-Bank. Feeling sillier at myself, I walked the ten minutes to her office. At the doorstep, I met a friend whose name I spelt wrongly and apologized for being so "haywired" this morning. 

Few minutes later, Lilly texted that she couldn't stay in the class and that she was at her cousin's place. Without much complain, I walked back to the car, picked her up and drove to the hospital. There, the new rule said new medical cases can not be consulted directly with the Physician. I wanted to explode...if a Doctor friend didn't happen to pass by. He was kind to take the consultation. And at the Pharmacy, now it seems no medicine without prescriptions. Anyway, we worked out there.

Lilly wanted to rest at home, so I drove back home but my copies of keys were left inside. I called my Husband and KP said he was in the town running some errands. I sought shelter for Lilly in a neighbour's house and rushed back to work, but realized the data-card wasn't placed back in my bag. For an alternative, I unplugged a friend's and this is what I am using now - I badly wanted to pen down the events before I lose the frustrations.

Any way, I am so glad I took each event with a pinch of patience. Except for the last call to Lilly regarding the data-card, I didn't show any degrading sign of irritation or frustration. I think I am growing in a good way, from the way I seem to take things as they come. At least in the way that I can contain myself until I feel better. 

Better? Goodness me - Mr. Boss called asking me to prepare a presentation about which I have no clue. Before I fight the biggest frustration, I thought I will write this article.

And I have just one question: What did I dream tonight? Uh!


  1. Ana, you rather had a busy day than considering yourself a sillier person. But anyways, even my mind was rushing too fast while going through your Wednesday Events.

    Take care
    Much Love
    Muah xo

  2. Ha-ha -:) Thanks Yeesi Dear. I am taking so much pride in narrating the events as if it was some miraculous thing that I overcame. Oh yes, by the end of the day, I am drained of all energy.

    (Spoke to your Apa about Matsutake mushroom, mentioned you as a reference. Miss you.)

  3. Haha!
    Okie. I miss Apa's Matsutake Mushroom.