Monday, August 27, 2012

My Soul-Mate

In Paulo Coelho's Brida, he talks about soul-mate. The inert message indicates how the person we are entitled to spend our life with today need not necessarily be our soul-mate, s/he can be anyone, anywhere. Only the searcher knows who s/he is.

I know who mine is :)

No doubt that I love my Hubby to any extend possible and together we are making a good life. KP is the man I had ever wanted to live with and he swears by heart that I have finally given him a life he wished.With our pledge, we are walking our ways with glory, love and passion. 

But there is this person who entered into my life quite unexpected and continues to fascinate me with his kindness, with his glamour and above all, with his compassion. Just last week he spoke to me after a long time and that instant moment, I recalled how excited I grew. He is not one person I can envision beyond possibility - he is that impossible star in the sky at which I can only gaze and be wishful. He is not even human to me, he is super-human.

I don't complain much to him, he and I can't share anything more than platonic relationship. We set no expectations, no limits, no desires to our friendship. Yes, we are best of friends and worst of strangers. Everything works out in the ways the nature designs, we intervene nothing at all.

I am beginning to wonder if he is my soul-mate (if at all I were searching for one). From the way he regards my presence in his life (in the little ways he shows), I feel I have an enormous role to play. His smile is ever the biggest when we bump into each other, which is very rare, rarer than a daytime star. Couple  of times, he confided in me that I have been a nice soul around him. But he is never sad or unhappy or worried, he is always happy. 

I wonder because he makes me equally happy. He teaches me the lessons of life in his good ways. Like when I said I haven't been well for sometimes and he insisted I was well at that moment, he meant to signify the essence of living in the present. Hours after our five-minute conversation, I kept replaying the message in my mind - LIVE IN PRESENT!

No, I have no expectation set against him and our friendship. Yes, for one he is one of the most wonderful persons in my life, but that doesn't mean I have something extra attached with that tag. I respect him for who he is and know pretty well that when I think of him, he is my smile for the moment.

Somewhere in our past lives, we must have been soul-mates. We must have left a story unfinished and continue to cherish today. I am glad I have this life to acknowledge his presence. Thus, a feel of soul-mate. 


  1. After reading your post i think it makes sense: "Those who love deeply never grow old; they may die of old age, but they die young." keep writing.

  2. Thanks Sonam, the quotation says it all. It's a beautiful, but meaning statement. I hope I am one of them :)

  3. Un caloroso saluto...ciao